Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The mouths of babes

My latest fear about the girls is that they are going to say something which will be taken terribly out of context and lead to a CPS call. OK, I'm kidding, mostly. But you do hear crazy stories about misunderstandings leading to interventions, and really, they say some pretty bizarre stuff.

A few months ago, I was pretending to eat Katie's cheeks, which I have done for years already. She loves it (and so do I - she has the smooshiest cheeks ever). "Eat my cheeks" turned into "eat my belly," and "eat my toes," and ended up in the inevitable "eat my bagina!" To which I had to reply "baginas are not for eating." That's the not-yet-published title in this series, of course. (And yes, yes, all you with dirty minds, I know...shush.)

Tonight, they were running around naked after a shower (a recent habit - the shower rather than the bath) and Katie jumped up on my bed with me to snuggle. Of course I kissed her smooshy cheeks, and out of a clear blue sky she said "Kiss my bagina!" I replied something like "No, people don't usually kiss other people's baginas." She persisted, "But I want you to kiss it!" and once again, I had to refer to the literature and tell her "baginas are not for kissing."

Later on, Lilly got into the act. She's commented on the past about Daddy's "wiggly tushie," which she sees when he gets out of the shower or she barges in on him in the bathroom. It only took a day for him to realize his wiggly tushie isn't a tushie at all. So tonight, he comes home from work, and excuses himself to go pee. Lilly says to him, "Your penis is always wiggling all over the place!" Um, OK. We just sort of ignored that one and hope it doesn't come up in public.

I can't even remember what prompted the last of these special comments, but a little later in the evening, Katie told Ryan he had a "big, giant tushie." Now, I'm pretty sure his big giant tushie is not the wiggly one. Because she said she had a little tushie and I had a medium one, and none of those wiggle either.

Shall we take bets on how long I have until one of these gems slips out in public? We'll be at Gymboree in the morning...


Lilypad Mom said...

They are too funny. LP is still focused on my nurts as she calls them, even though she weaned in November, so she hasn't made any comments like that yet, but I'm sure they are coming.

jomama said...

Love it!

Jesse is all about nuts and giggling over the hair on my "bum" in the shower. I can safely say he's not talking about my behind as there is no hair on it. Luckily, he calls his penis his "furnace" thanks to him mishearing me when he asked what it was for the first time. So hopefully no one will mistake anything he says regarding that.