Friday, January 24, 2003

Just time for a few quick thoughts as I wrap up a silly day and await Ryan picking me up for a weekend of not skiing up in the Poconos. Well, not skiing for me. He'll probably ski. Too cold for me. Global warming my ass! I've got lots of yarn and some books so I should be able to keep myself well-entertained up in the frozen mountains. See you Monday!

Thursday, January 23, 2003

My office-mate, Mary Jo, just informed me that the temperature hasn’t been above freezing here since January 13th. I believe it. It hit 30 over the weekend and it felt like a heat wave! Even with the humidifier we bought on Monday, my skin is so dry that my face is starting to flake, and I am just now feeling my toes again after my morning commute!

Yet, we are going skiing this weekend. OK, let’s start by telling you I’ve skied twice in my life, and didn’t love it either time. But, at Rich and Trystan’s party last weekend, somehow (while I was out of the room) a ski weekend at our friend Dorothy’s family’s house in the Poconos (Poke-a-Nose, I like to say) got planned. I’m not so certain I’ll actually ski, but I will definitely bring my knitting.

Knitting which I haven’t touched all week due to the aforementioned "Crazy Taxi" playing. Damn that game is addictive. Ryan thinks it’s cute that I like it so much. I find it frightening.

We ordered our wedding favors last night. Cute little round tin boxes that we are going to fill with Altoids (or possibly a similar minty candy) and cute little personalized labels that we’re going to stick on top. It’s such a small part of the wedding but it felt good to get that done. I still really need to deal with the flowers. Problem is, I like so many different things and don’t want to go in there all scattered and not knowing what I want. I know what I want for centerpieces, just not for bouquets. Yes, the problems of the modern bride.

Right now, it’s hard to imagine it will ever be warm enough to be in the Botanic Gardens and not freeze my butt off.

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Right now, I am so jealous of my friend Paul. He just went down to Florida to work for a former boss/friend of ours for an undetermined period of time, and is missing the coldest weather we've had in years! Though it doesn't sound like he is having a good time in Florida, at least it's more than 20 degrees there. Yesterday it hit 30 and I thought we were having a heat wave. My Dad said he thought his thermometer was broken Saturday morning when it said 6!

The three-day weekend was nice, though I didn't get all that much done. Went to Rich and Trystan's birthday on Saturday, and played with the kids. Went to my Dad's birthday brunch on Sunday and played with the not-kids. Then Sunday we played at home and did a little shopping. I've become somewhat addicted to playing Crazy Taxi on the Xbox. I think I like it more than Ryan does. Somehow all the zipping around and crazy driving is very cathartic!

I sound like a broken record, but I'm not getting to Stitch-n-Bitch tonight. It's so cold that the idea of staying out late is not remotely appealing. Plus I have a roast beef that I was going to make last night but didn't, because we had a lot of leftovers from various weekend meals and decided to just eat those. So I need to make the roast tonight, and then we can have leftovers of that for the rest of the week. Maybe I'll manage to knit. I started the second bridesmaid top, but that's all I've done - started.

On the wedding front, we booked most of our honeymoon in the past week or so. We leave the Tuesday after our wedding and fly to the Big Island of Hawaii (which, for your edification, is not where we went for Christmas - that was Honolulu, which is on the island of Oahu, which is much smaller than the island that is actually called Hawaii and nicknamed "The Big Island." You can learn lots more about this at We'll spend 5 days on the beach, then 2 days down near Volcanoes National Park, where we hope to catch some good eruptions at Kilauea Volcano.

After that, we fly to Kaua'i for another week. We're spending a few nights at the Princeville and then the rest of the time possibly at the Hyatt (where we have reservations on hold), possibly somewhere less expensive. We booked the trip using miles, and decided to go first-class - if you can't blow 65,000 miles on your honeymoon, when are you going to blow them? Still, even without the airfare, this is an expensive trip, and we may need to cut back a bit. We'll have to wait and see.

I've probably babbled enough for the day. I suppose I should go find out whether we're having our Monday status meeting on Tuesday, and what I've actually got to do today!