Thursday, February 13, 2003

Looks like a late night for me, but I hope not too late. Lots of stuff has to go out to the client tomorrow, and although my work is mostly done, I have to wait for projects to route through the art director, studio, and editor so I can see if there are any changes I need to approve/forbid. At least we all agreed to stay as late as necessary to get it done tonight so we don't have to stay tomorrow or work the weekend (client needs everything by 9 a.m. Monday, and we're closed Monday anyway).

I was such a good girl today - I made an appointment with a florist to talk about wedding flowers. This is not the florist down the street, but I decided I wanted to get more than one proposal. For flowers, I mean. One proposal for marriage was quite enough!

I was supposed to go veil-shopping yesterday with a friend who is also getting married (2 weeks before me). There's a store near our offices (she works a few blocks away) that is supposed to be fantastic, but they close at 4:30 so we have to go during lunch. Unfortunately, we had to push it off until today, and then until tomorrow. Hopefully we will go tomorrow and maybe I will post some pics over the weekend.

I'm just an inch or so into the armhole shaping on side one of bridesmaid top number two, but this is the part of the top that starts going more quickly because of the decreasing and the wide scoop neck. I think I'll finish it before the long weekend is up.

Valentine's Day tomorrow! I've arranged a little surprise for Ryan. Sssh, don't tell. He's arranged a surprise for me, too. All I know is I have to leave work by 5:30, and dinner is involved but is definitely not the whole shebang.

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Well, I just got motivated and updated all my links. Deleted the non-working ones, changed a few blog names that had morphed, and updated some URLs. I hope I got it all!

Before I head off to bridesmaid top knitting-land, I figured I'd post a bit. Uh-oh - I just heard "Crazy Taxi 3" start in the next room. Must...resist...

The good thing about wedding and knitting is it keeps me from obsessing about other stuff too much. Like the impending war. Of course, reminders are constantly there. This morning, there were ten cops on the uptown 4 train platform at Borough Hall. They were clustered in 4 small groups along the platform. Wonder if that will be a regular thing from here on in. I guess all the muggers will be disappointed, but somehow it doesn't seem like it will deter the terrorists.

Monday, February 10, 2003

Work has gotten so busy lately. I'm not complaining - just tired!

I had a good, productive weekend. Pretty much nailed down our guest list with my parents and Ryan's Mom. That was a relief. I also got the swatch of my gown that I have been awaiting, though it was sort of anticlimactic - ooh, 2 pieces of silk staples to a card! Whee! I'm up to the armhole shaping on the back side of the second bridesmaid top, so I'm feeling good there, too.

Other than that, not much to tell, and I'm too pooped to think of anything more exciting. I'm sure someday this blog will become interesting again.

Oh, it just occurred to me that I ought to answer some of the nice comments I got the other day! Thanks for all the compliments - I really needed to hear them, as I am so nervous about how this will all work out. You guys have boosted my confidence infinitely! And yes, indigirl, those are my Nick & Nora PJ pants. I have been wanting these for ages, and Ryan got them for me this year as a holiday gift. Plus he got them at a discount at the sample sale I "casually" told him about. Such a good man!