Friday, October 11, 2002

I only managed about 2 pattern repeats (8 rows) of the girlie-pink scarf last night, but I got a ton of wedding stuff done! I was chatting on the phone with Ryan, who was just escaping from a grumpy mood, and somehow I caught him at the right moment. I had seen a cool invitation that I wanted to show him, and he looked at it and thought it was really cool. We had been talking for a while about designing and printing our own invitations, but hadn't really gotten anywhere. I was partly just looking for inspiration when I showed him this one that I liked.

We ended up looking at a bunch of invites, and deciding to go with the ones I showed him first. We found several places you could order online, and Invitation Hotline had the best prices by far, so we bookmarked it. Can't actually order them until we move and know our new return address for the reply cards!

Invitation chatter led to talk of favors, and Ryan really got into it. It was really fun for me, because I haven't been able to interest him in this stuff before, but I guess I had to wait until the time was right. I had found this really cool site with personalized labels and when I showed it to him, he nearly flipped! We are going to end up using these round ones in lilac and mint. The labels will go on top of little round boxes, which we are going to fill with Altoids. Gee, how will we ever find a witty copywriter to write something clever for the top of the boxes? It was fun to look at all this stuff with Ryan, and have him actually be interested. I was so wound up from the excitement that I had trouble falling asleep and was up until 1. What a dork!

Today it's raining like crazy, and I got another dorky thrill out of wearing my new cloud boots in the pouring rain. I'm sure I looked crazy, with my nice pinstriped suit pants (I have an interview at lunchtime today) tucked into those, with a red raincoat and rainhat, plus an umbrella, but the joke's on anyone who laughed because I got to work dry and happy!

Tomorrow I'm out to Long Island for more weddy stuff. The salon where I bought my dress is having a trunk show of tiaras from this Australian designer, and they called to say there were some that would be great with my dress. Who knows, they may be ridiculously overpriced, but it can't hurt to look and try things on. Ryan's got plenty of thesis work to keep him busy, so I will also be going shopping for bridesmaid skirts with Diana (my Maid of Honor) on Monday, while the office is closed for Columbus day. I might even be able to start on one of the bridesmaid tops over the weekend, if I can get the pattern request form filled out and sent to ArtFibers early enough.

Thursday, October 10, 2002

Awfully quiet around here lately. I guess I'm just not as exciting when I whine about work. Sorry!

Didn't get to knitting last night. First I had to pick up my portfolio from someone, who said they loved my work and would keep me in mind, but their client was insisting that the person they hire have TV (commercial) experience, which I do not. Oh well. The office was down at Chelsea Market, which is this great building that has a whole bunch of yummy food stores downstairs. I got some fruity-veggie treats at the Manhattan Fruit Exchange, then some nice sole at The Lobster Place. I was strong and passed up the brownies at the Fat Witch Bakery, and I want some credit for that!

Once I got home, I had to wait before I could cook, because a friend from work was coming to see my apartment. I guess I can let the cat out of the bag and tell you that we officially have a signed contract for the sale of Ryan's apartment, and a closing date of December 1st. That means I can move when my lease ends - hallelujah! So Jose came over and loved the place, so I'm going to put him in touch with the landlord. This way everybody will be happy. Unusual, eh?

I finally got to sauteeing my fish and baby artichokes around 8:30, and boy was it yummy yummy. It's the first time I have really cooked in so long, since I pretty much boycotted my kitchen during the hot weather. The air conditioning just doesn't make it around the corner into the tiny hot room with no ventilation. Yes, our new apartment (when we find it) will have a better kitchen - it's a non-negotiable item.

It's still a bit early to look for December 1st rentals, but we will probably call/visit some of the Brooklyn Heights brokers over this long weekend so at least they can keep their eyes out for us. I'd be willing to take a place for November 15, and pay the half-month of overlap, if it's a good plac. It would certainly make moving easier since we could do it somewhat gradually.

Wednesday, October 09, 2002

I was so swamped yesterday I didn't even get to post! Horrors! Spent the day mostly in another writer's office, trying to figure out some of these new projects. Total nightmare work. I really feel like I am in over my head. I am sure I can muddle through it, but it won't be comfortable. And I know if they were hiring someone new to work on this account, no way would it be me. Heavy science, which I have the intelligence to handle, but not the experience and background in this area. So frustrating.

But enough whining. Stitch-n-Bitch was fun last night. Jenny, my new knitting friend at work, came with me, and got to meet tons of new knitty friends. I can't believe how big a crowd there was! Probably about 30 people altogether. I barely got to speak with Jackie, though I did get to say hi to Deb and her cute little daughter, Alix. Ryan showed up around 8 to meet me for dinner, and Alix was so excited to see him. Those two are utterly adorable together, and all the stitchers were commenting on it. Yes, my boy has a touch of baby fever. So do I, but we're definitely holding off until we've been married for a while.

I started working on a scarf made from the Anny Blatt pink angora I bought a few weeks back at Knitting Hands. I'm using the feather and fan pattern that was in the recent Knitters Review article on knitted lace. The pattern is surprisingly simple, and really pretty when it's worked up. My only complaint right now is that the angora sheds like crazy. I'm hoping after I wash and block it, it will calm down. My winter coat is a black shearling, and I can just see it covered with little pink hairs.

Well, that's about all the time I have for fun. Now I must place my nose back on the grindstone.

Monday, October 07, 2002

I'm back at work after a really fun Homecoming weekend up in Syracuse. It was great to see my old roommates, and to get reacquainted with everyone after such a long time. Ryan was a big hit with all of them, and vice-versa. We had two group dinners which were very enjoyable, and we got to go to Faegan's - one of my old on-campus drinking haunts. There were lots of alumni around who looked familiar, and a few whose names I even remembered. Of course there were also a few that we decided to duck because they just were too annoying to talk to. Bad Betsy!

The only real low point of the weekend was watching the football team get trounced by Pitt. Aren't you supposed to be able to beat the team you schedule for homecoming? Well, looks like someone at SU Football didn't quite get the message. No matter - we were there for the company, not the game.

On Sunday, everyone left by lunchtime, so Ryan and I went off on our own for the day. We drove out to Green Lakes State Park, which is a favorite of mine. The lakes (two of them) are wonderfully clear at the edges, and a pretty turquoise/green color where the water is deeper. These photos are the best I could find online, and I don't know if they really convey the true beauty of the place. We took a walk around all of Green Lake, which is apparently three miles. It was so nice to be out in the peace and quiet. Definitely a good break from city life. Syracuse in general is pleasantly low-key.

Now we're back home and back in the swing of things. I am awaiting the barrage of work to come, and trying to enjoy the peace while it lasts. Tonight I am going to find some sort of stitch pattern to use for that pink angora scarf, as I really need a project to work on right away. After scarfdom I will probably move on to the first of the bridesmaid tops - I think I'll start with Kristy's (Ryan's sis) since I will see her at Christmastime and possibly not again until weddingtime.