Saturday, April 05, 2003

I dreamed last night that my friend Diana and I were in the Poconos with President Bush. He was wearing a pager that started out with a little orange light, but then became red, indicating that there was going to be a large-scale attack within a short period of time. Apparently one possibility was a nuclear strike in Iowa that would wipe out most of the mid-to-western states, isolating California forever (this musta been one hella nuke). In the dream, he was really smart and totally capable, and Diana and I were completely trusting of him. Whew. What the hell is my subconscious doing feeding me bullshit like that?!

In case I didn't mention it, I finished bridesmaid top number 2 earlier this week - maybe it was Sunday? I am now a few inches into the back of number 3. Yes, I'm definitely going to finish this. No, it's not going to be so pleasant. I've also been addressing our invitations, since Ryan is swamped with thesis work and also a lefty with hideous handwriting. Almost done with the outer envelopes, then I get to do the inners. Whee! The thing is, there are this many envelopes with having had to cut down the list a bit. I can't imagine what it would be like if I was able to invite everyone I'd want to have there!

I ordered my veil on Wednesday, which was fun. I wanted to wear the sample back to work - it just makes me feel awfully purdy. Today I think I am going to a sample sale in the city - there's this bridesmaid dress company called Thread that makes dresses that you could also wear to a rehearsal dinner or as a wedding guest, and they are having a sample sale from 4-6 p.m. Since I have two other weddings this summer (my friend Kate's, 2 weeks before mine, and Ryan's sister's, Labor Day weekend) I am interested in finding a cute dress, deeply discounted!

Tonight, I will be parked on the sofa watching my Orangemen in the Final Four. I will be eating appropriately for the occasion - Sal's Wings all the way. I ordered the "make it at home" kit a few weeks ago, having no idea I'd find such a perfect occasion to try them out. I would say these wings were at least 70 percent responsible for my freshman fifteen weight gain back then (that and the beer)!

Monday, March 31, 2003

For Debbie S - yes, dude, we really do have a Roomba. Ryan mentioned it to his Mom before Christmas and she actually bought it for us! We were stunned and ecstatic - it was probably the best gift she will ever give in her entire life! I love love love Roomba. Aside from doing a pretty darn good job on the wooden floors, it's also awfully cute. I find myself watching it a lot. Then the excitement wears off and I go do something else while Roomba does the work. Yay Roomba! Everyone, find someone to buy it for you now.
I swear, the coolest, nicest, most supportive people read my blog. I just read all the comments on finding my tiara, and combined with the support when I thought it was gone, I am just all mushy inside! It's even nicer that people still give a crap, since I've been such a lame blogger lately.

So, on balance, the weekend was good, but there was definitely a low point. I'll start there. I called the bridal shop on Friday and was told my dress was in! Yay! Made plans with Leanne to meet me there at 4pm Saturday, on her way to work (she's a pastry chef and works at a restaurant). We get there, and the manager, who is very sweet, disappears upstairs for a looooong time. She finally returns and says "you're gonna kill me." It wasn't there. Apologies up and down, she feels awful, totally her fault - the computer said it was in, they just had a shipment, she should have looked for the dress before she told me, blah blah blah.

I couldn't be too mad at her, because she is so nice, but it did take an hour to get there with traffic, and 1.5 hours to get home with traffic and rain. So she calls me today, and it turns out the dress came from Spain to the U.S. factory, and they didn't ship it to the store because there is something wrong with the skirt fabric. She didn't have details, but it was some sort of spot or oil stains. Who knows. So now they have to rush cut a new skirt. She assured me it was no problem, it'd be ready for fittings at the end of April or beginning of May, which is fine, but it sucks, too. I just want to see it, as all I have is that one picture and they no longer have the sample gown!

I'm glad the dress debacle was on Saturday, and then the tiara-finding was on Sunday. Other way around would have sucked more. But what tips the weekend over to good is definitely the FINAL FOUR, baby!! My Orangemen kicked some butt right around the time that I found my tiara. I was so excited about the tiara that I forgot the game wasn't at night and missed the darn thing. Silly! I will certainly be in front of a TV somewhere on Saturday night at 8:40pm!

Sunday, March 30, 2003

Guess what's on my head right now. Need a hint?

It's sparkly.

It's silvery.

It's not in a landfill somewhere.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I found my tiara today. I swear, I have no recollection whatsoever of bringing it home. It was in my closet, on the floor, behind my shoe rack, wrapped in the very plastic bag I mentioned the other day. See, good things can Icome out of cleaning the closet! I am unspeakably happy. Probably more happy than I ought to be, given that it's just a piece of metal. But it's my piece of metal, and I like it so much! I was despairing of ever finding anything as nice. So, I've worn it around the house for the rest of the cleaning. I am very fancy today!

I also finished the second bridesmaid top - well, all except for the side seams, but I will finish that after I post this. Now that I've cleaned the kitchen, bathroom and closet, vacuumed (OK, I ran the Roomba - it still counts) the whole apartment, and unclogged the slow-running bathroom sink, I am returning to the sofa.