Thursday, February 20, 2003

It's pretty amazing that after all this cold weather, I stepped outside into 40 degrees today and thought it felt like Spring! I'm talking no hat, loose scarf, top button open on the coat! A few months ago I was shivering at weather like this, but now it feels positively balmy. This winter has reminded me so much of the winters up in Syracuse, where I went to school.

A friend who is getting married two weeks before me said she liked the idea of having such a bad winter because it will make the arrival of Spring feel even more special, and that goes nicely with the wedding countdown. I decided I'd go along with that idea, since I have to find something to like about it!

I finished the back side of the second bridesmaid top on Tuesday night. Tonight I will try and start the front, if I have time. We have to go up to Mount Sinai hospital to visit Ryan's sister's fiance's father. He lives in Miami but was taken ill while up here for a weekend conference, and the poor guy knows no one else in the city. I've never met him, but he's apparently a very warm and friendly guy and doesn't mind being visited by a virtual stranger (he has met Ryan before). At least this way I will have met him before Kristy and Tom's wedding in August!

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Why in the world am I here at the office? There's no way my client is in - they're outside of Philadelphia and they all drive to work. That sure isn't happening! Pretty much the only people here in the office are those who live in the five boroughs and don't have to drive. But, the office is open and I need to save my PTO time for the honeymoon, so here I am.

Walking up Court Street in Brooklyn was quite entertaining. (If you're a masochist!) Some places were shoveled clean, others were just foothpaths worn through 2 feet ot snow with one "lane" for walking. The older man walking in front me didn't have boots and went down hard at once of those spots. He wouldn't let me help him up, though. Just as well - I'd have probably fallen on top of him and broken something on one of us.

So, now I'm here to sit and stare into the near distance of my monitor, while it snows even more out there. Maybe I'll sneak out a bit early.

Monday, February 17, 2003

Still snowing. It slowed down for a while, but it's picked up in the past hour or so and it's really windy again. Ryan and I have made good use of the day, cleaning up a lot of stuff around here. We just headed out to check out the snowfall, and got some nice pics of our car. It's the second one on the right side of the street here.

Here's a closer view

Doesn't seem like we'll be driving anywhere for quite a while! I'm sort of hoping against hope that the office will be closed tomorrow (we had a holiday today) but I doubt that will really happen. It would just be nice to have a day to go and play in the snow!

Well, before the snow started, I made it out to Long Island to have someone who actually would fit the bridesmaid top try it on. Leanne was a willing victim, since she's got to wear it in June anyway. I was SO pleased when she put it on - it totally fits and looks great on her! She made me cut off her head in the pic because she was busy making a wedding cake and was not presentable for public viewing. I still haven't woven in the ends (lazy me) so just ignore the random threads hanging down.

Major load off my mind knowing that it looks good. Now we just have to order those skirts ASAP. Was going to do it today, but the store is closed due to the weather. Oy.

... The National Weather Service Continues The Blizzard Warning Until Midnight Tonight...

Snow Will Become Heavier As The Day Progresses. Occasional Blizzard Conditions Are Expected As Winds Will Gust Between 35 And 40 Mph At Times. This Will Produce Whiteout Conditions Which Will Make Driving Extremely Dangerous If Not Impossible. Total Snowfall Amounts By The Time This Storm Heads Out To Sea Late Tonight Should Range For The Most Part Between 1 1/2 And 2 Feet.

Remember... A Blizzard Warning Is Issued When Sustained Wind Speeds Or Frequent Gusts Of Over 35 Mph Are Expected With Considerable Falling And/Or Blowing And Drifting Snow. Visibilities Will Become Poor With Whiteout Conditions At Times. Those Venturing Outdoors May Become Lost Or Disoriented So Persons In The Warning Area Are Advised To Stay Indoors.

Residents Should Prepare For Major Travel Interruptions Into Tuesday And Possible Scattered Power Outages As The Heavy Snow And High Winds May Cause Trees And Power Lines To Come Down.

Stay Tuned To Noaa Weather Radio... Local Media Or Visit The National Weather Service Webpage At Weather.Gov For Further Details Or Updates On This Weather Situation.

I think that says it all, for the moment. I'm sure there will be pictures later!