Saturday, August 07, 2010

8/7/10 Time marches on (219 of 365)

Another beautiful day ends at one of my favorite beaches. What's most interesting to me about this shot, though, is comparing it to July 4th's sunset. Just one month later and look how the position of the sun has changed. Over the water in early summer, over land (Asharoken) in midsummer.

Still plenty of summer left, though.

Friday, August 06, 2010

8/6/10 Blown schmown

8/6/10 Blown schmown, originally uploaded by betseeee.

Yeah, there's that giant thermonuclear blown area on Lilly's dress and a slightly smaller one on her face. A small price to pay for the look of utter devotion. <3

8/5/10 Lilly cooperates

8/5/10 Lilly cooperates, originally uploaded by betseeee.

Seriously, write down the date! Though really, she's more likely to do so than her sister.

I've been playing around with back-button focusing and shooting wide open. Her posing is a little cheesy--maybe she's going to work at Kiddie Kandids someday. But in the end, she's my beautiful girl and I like the shot because of that.

8/41/0 Bacon, it's what's for dinner

Who can argue with a BLT, even if you have to put it on a hot dog roll?

8/3/10 Ice poppin'

8/3/10 Ice poppin', originally uploaded by betseeee.

I still had peach puree (no rum added!) left after making the daiquiris the other night, so I used it to lure them off the beach today. After baths and dinner (which you will note they didn't bother to dress for) we put it in the Zoku. I was pronounced "best mom ever" by Miss Lilly here. :)

8/2/10 Swinging into the night

8/2/10 Swinging into the night, originally uploaded by betseeee.

We spent most of the day at our friends' house, swimming. Then the kids watched a movie, and by the time it was over, it was almost 7pm. Got a text from my husband that he would be home by 8:30, so I decided to throw caution to the winds, and suggest to my friend that we go up to Crab Meadow (5 minutes from her house) and watch the sunset. Clouds on the horizon made that kind of a bust, so I decided to play with silhouettes. That was actually pretty tough, too, because of the low clouds. This was the best I could do, achieved by lying on my back, propped up by the backpack I was wearing, between Kate's (pictured) swing and Lilly's. I deserve hazard pay for this one, except I don't get paid for this. ;)

7/31/10 Sophie

7/31/10 Sophie, originally uploaded by betseeee.

I was so close to her that only one eye ended up perfectly sharp at 2.8. But she's no less gorgeous for it.

8/1/10 Good use of CSA fruit

8/1/10 Good use of CSA fruit, originally uploaded by betseeee.

We had a lot of wonderful organic peaches that were perfectly ripe and probably overripe by morning. I told Ryan I was going to puree them so we could make ice pops. He said he had been hoping I would say daiquiris. You don't have to ask me twice--threw some ice in, grabbed the last bit of rum we had in the house, and there ya go. Delicious!

7/30/10 Not-so-dirty dancing

7/30/10 Not-so-dirty dancing, originally uploaded by betseeee.

I looked at this photo and all I could think of was the scene where Johnny Castle tells Baby "This is my dance space. This is yours. You don't go into mine. I don't go into yours."

That philosophy is completely alien to twins, by the way.

7/29/10 Princess My Ride

7/29/10 Princess My Ride, originally uploaded by betseeee.

I swear my kids have never watched MTV and never seen a stretch SUV with a swimming pool. Apparently, it's a universal desire to be able to swim while driving. Belle, Aurora, and the twin Ariels sure seem happy about it.

7/28/10 Monkey bar redux (209 of 365)

This is Kate tackling the same set of monkey bars as Lilly did on May 20th. Different twin, different vantage point. I like the less-cluttered background. I was also pretty happy with myself for managing to (I think) nail the exposure in full sun with the sun at her back. At the very least, nothing was blown out. Golf claps, please!

7/27/10 BFFs (208 of 365)

7/27/10 BFFs (208 of 365), originally uploaded by betseeee.

We went for an impromptu nature walk at the Sweetbriar Nature Center today. On the way back, I lagged behind just to watch them. This was not posed. <3<3