Saturday, July 24, 2010

7/24/10 Bowler over

7/24/10 Bowler over, originally uploaded by betseeee.

You'd think with that much windup, Lilly would have gotten some decent momentum on the ball. But we still had to wait a good minute-and-a-half before it managed to get down to the pins.

7/23/10 Lilly of the backyard

7/23/10 Lilly of the backyard, originally uploaded by betseeee.

I just rented the 85mm 1.8. I think I'm in love with it. So much sharper than my other lenses.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

7/22/10 Sunflowers (203 of 365)

7/22/10 Sunflowers (203 of 365), originally uploaded by betseeee.

There's a small farm and farmstand not too far from my house. Every summer they have a beautiful field of sunflowers, and every summer I think to myself that I'd like to photograph it. Today, the girls were at my parents, so I decided to just do it. I walked into the farmstand, asked one of the women who works there (who I think is part of the family that owns the farm) if I could take some photos of their beautiful sunflowers. I don't know what cynical part of me was expecting her to say no, but I'm glad it was wrong.

There were a ton of bees out there, and I started getting a little freaked out after a few shots. I wanted one with more sky, but the direction of the sun was wrong. That whole thing about sunflowers turning to face the sun? Not true for all sunflowers. These were squarely pointed east while the sun was working its way west. So, the only decent angle included the utility poles and also required a pretty good amount of work in ACR to look right.

7/21/10 Worth the trip

7/21/10 Worth the trip, originally uploaded by betseeee.

Deanna has convinced me to start blogging my 365 photo project. I debated starting a new blog, but the more I thought about it, I rather like this one as a document of betseeeevolution. I started this photo project on January 1st, and have gotten a lot of satisfaction out of it. Since I usually write a pretty good story on flickr, I'm just going to cut-and-paste the same here. Hope you enjoy!

The girls and I spent the day swimming at the home of some really wonderful friends. When we left, Lilly really wanted pizza, and asked so nicely and with such longing that I agreed. As we walked out of the pizza place, a girl next to us looked up at the sky and went "Whoa!" It looked like Armageddon up there! We hurried back to the car.

And then, like a good mama, I asked my girls if they wanted to take a ride with me up to the beach to see if we could take some pretty pictures (with them safely inside the car) of the storm clouds. Like good photo-mama daughters, they agreed, and off we went.

The serious rain and thunder never actually materialized where we were, but the sky was glorious. And when we got back to our house, 8 or so miles south, the puddles were a good hint as to where the rain had actually gone.