Monday, March 17, 2003

Ah! This was the glorious Spring day everyone has been dreaming of for months. Yesterday wasn't so bad, either! It was an absolute joy to shed my winter coat and step outside without shivering. It didn't hurt that I started feeling better on Saturday afternoon, and by that night was well enough to go to dinner and a movie with our friends John and Amy.

I really liked the movie - Bend it Like Beckham. Very sweet and funny, and an entertaining look at the clash between cultures and generations. If you're looking for something slightly off the beaten path, but not so far off that it has subtitles, check it out.

On Sunday I expected Ryan to work, but he decided to blow of thesis for the day so we could do laundry and then enjoy the sunshine a bit. We ended up at the New York Aquarium in Coney Island. The place has improved a lot since the last time I was there, and we enjoyed it quite a bit.

I'm almost up to the armholes on the second half of the second bridesmaid top! I knitted for hours on Friday and then again last night. Now I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and believing I can actually finish this in a reasonable amount of time. So of course this morning, I got a monkey wrench thrown into my wedding plans. The rabbi I booked in September can no longer do our wedding - he has a family wedding that day that he was just informed of. Oy!

This news set off a cataclysm of thoughts - mostly me wondering whether we should actually have a Jewish ceremony. I'm more of a secular Jew, Ryan is totally non-religious, so what are we doing? Maybe we should have a non-denominational ceremony with a spiritual but not religious officiant, and incorporate some traditions, but not all the religious deity stuff. I contemplated that (and am still contemplating it), floated the trial balloon past my Mom to prepare her in case we do change plans, cried over the stress of it all, and went back to work.

Then the "backup rabbi" that the original rabbi had called ended up calling me. He seems nice. I am still undecided over the right thing to do, but we are going to meet with him to talk, probably this Thursday. He lives up in Scarsdale, so we actually have to drive up there after work. That's kind of a bummer, but at least for the wedding itself he could drive himself to Brooklyn. So, we'll meet, we'll talk, and we'll see what he has to say. One way or another, we will find someone to marry us in a ceremony that we can both live with.