Saturday, March 08, 2003

I'm back for a quick minute to say I have finally gotten a chance to look at the new Knitty and there are some awfully cute patterns in there! After my wedding, I am thinking I might soothe my post-wedding withdrawal with the bright and cheery Sitcom Chic cardie, designed by the ever-fabulous, entertaining, and prolific Bonne Marie. And I may get to make some Dim Sum for the kitties even before that, since they are quick and easy. And I just adore the Tiptoe through the Tulips socks, but I doubt I will have the fortitude to make those anytime soon. My first foray into sock knitting is still sitting on 2 circs in my knitting cabinet. For almost a year. Oh how I would adore a pair of those, though! I would actually buy these socks! Oh well, always good to have an unattainable object of desire.
Seems everyone but me has gotten their Rowan #33. Not that I have time for any other knitting at the moment, but I'm bummed to not have received it. Just wrote to their customer service to see what's up.

Last night's dinner was quite a success - the Cooking Light Bibimbop was fantastic! A little of a pain to serve because it's topped with an over-easy egg, and I didn't want to serve a cold egg to anyone, so I had to plate each serving individually (so the rice would stay hot) and then cook up a fresh egg. Not that it took too long, but if there were more than three of us it would've been annoying. Of course the traditional way to serve it is in a heavy earthenware bowl, which alleviates the cold rice issue, so I could have assembled all the servings and then just done the eggs quickly. Or I could buy a big griddle and do all the eggs at once like a short-order cook. Maybe not.

Tonight I'm going to see Erasure at the Beacon Theater with my friend Paul. He's a tremendous Erasure fan, and I've actually seen them with him before, on my birthday about 5-6 years ago. Should be a fun show. I'm not sure what else we're going to do today other than go to the gym, which I'm just about to do. I've been very diligent about working out again. It helps that Ryan and I arrange to meet there on my way home from work, so it's harder to wimp out. So far, I've stuck to the 4-workouts-per-week goal and I even look forward to it. I think I am starting to see a teensy difference already. Here I go!

Thursday, March 06, 2003

Had a little reality check today. Velma emailed me to ask how things went with the Topsecret sweater I wanted to knit a few months ago using the lovely Gedifra Dandy yarn I bought last Spring. I was forced to admit I hadn't gotten anywhere near knitting it, because of my major procrastination on the bridesmaids tops. Sigh.

Of course, you'd think that would get me to knit tonight, but no. We got home at 8 from the gym (went straight after work) and then I should have knit during Bush's press conference, but I didn't even think of it. Duh. Then I was cooking pasta for dinner tonight, and preparing veggies for tomorrow night's dinner (the Bibimbop recipe from this month's Cooking Light), and now I'm blogging a bit, reading some email, and then off to bed. Maybe I just need the deadline to be right the f*ck on top of me in order to act?!
Have you heard about the giant Chee-to?

I left the house at 8 this morning, as my friend John was driving through the city and dropped me off, as has become the norm lately. It was raining when I walked out the door, and by the time we were on the Brooklyn Bridge, it had started freezing up and bouncing off the windshield. Now, an hour later, it's snowing like crazy outside my office window. It's fascinating to witness the development of a snowstorm like that.

Now let's just hope it doesn't stick or melts quickly.

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Knitting? What's knitting? Oh, I think I used to do that. Urgh.

OK, I did start the front of bridesmaid top number two. I did at least four rows, so get off my back, people! Of course, that was Sunday, and now it's Wednesday. I have an appointment at Bliss after work, and I'll probably be home between 7 and 7:30, so perhaps I'll devote the rest of the evening to knitting and TV. Sounds very soothing.

Just as I procrastinated knitting, I procrastinated meeting with florists, and now am procrastinating follow-up with them. One gave me a ridiculously huge estimate that I do not think can possibly be whittled down to reasonable proportions. One gave me a very reasonable - almost scarily reasonable - estimate. He's the one right around the corner on Court Street. So why haven't I called her to tell her I don't think it can be done, and called him to tell him it can?

Work is busy in a weird way. I have a project that we're outlining and putting together schematics for, to be presented on March 13th. I am supposed to review what we've done so far at noon with my boss and her partner (associate creative director for copy, associate creative director for art.) My art director partner is out today, so it's just me, which is fine - at least I can get a word in. He tends to talk a lot. I have the visual schematic, and I wrote a detailed description of the program flow and components, so I think I'm fine. I'm not sure how much further we need to go for the client presentation, which makes me wonder whether I am over- or underestimating my portion of the work involved in this presentation.

Been going to the gym fairly often - trying for four times a week minimum, and focusing more on weight training than cardio. I've read in a few places that weight training is actually more important for a woman in her 30s. Also, I tend to work pretty quickly, and not take a lot of rests (because I want to get home!) so I think I get a decent cardio benefit while I am doing weights. I'm now calling my workout plan my "hotness initiative" (so that every piece of my life can have some business jargon?). I'm not working out to look good for my wedding - all the stuff you can see when I wear my wedding gown already looks fine. It's the stuff hiding underneath I'd like to change a bit. The stuff everyone will see in my honeymoon pictures. That is the true challenge.