Saturday, January 24, 2004

I'm an assclown for not mentioning how nice it was to see Liz at S-n-B last Tuesday. For heaven's sake, we sat next to each and chatted half the time, and left together to go jump in cabs. I suck. Liz, you must know I adore you. If not, hopefully you know it now.
HoJo yarn arrived today!

And before I start, a few questions:

1. Is 2.5 inches larger than my bust a good size to make for a sweater that fits the way this one does in the picture? The next size up is 5.5" larger and that seems far too loose. I think I'm nervous because this would have me making the smallest size, and lately I've been making the second-smallest, but I've never made anything from Interweave before.

2. Am I interpreting this correctly? The pattern says:

  • Left Twist: With right needle behind left needle, skip 1 st, knit second st through back loop, insert right needle into back of first and second sts, and knit them tog through back loops.

I am thinking "skip 1 st" means leave that stitch on the left needle, rather than slipping it. I am also thinking I am supposed to leave the next stitch on the needle after I knit it, even though it doesn't explicitly say to do so. The instructions for the Right Twist say:

  • K2tog and leave sts on left needle, then knit the first st again, and slip both off of needle tog.

Please weigh in and tell me if I've interpreted the left twist correctly!

I actually have a little time before I start HoJo, because I am still finishing my MiniChic. I started that on Sunday night with the Gedifra Dandy yarn I bought on eBay like 2 years ago. Bonne Marie is just such a delight, answering my stupid random questions about her pattern with aplomb. I am so happy to finally have found something I want to make with this gorgeous yarn, and hope to finish it tonight or tomorrow. Then it's on to HoJo - my knitting challenge of the century! (Besides knitting 4 relatively simple bridesmaid tank tops while working and planning my own wedding) ;-)

Monday, January 19, 2004

Just for fun, Ryan digitized a bit of our wedding video and posted it for me while I was working this weekend. It's in quicktime, but there's a link to an .avi version, too. It's a 2-minute "highlight film" they put at the end. Have a look if you're into that sort of thing.

Sunday, January 18, 2004

Well, this is a shitty week/end workwise. It looks like I am going to have to go in again today, and maybe even tomorrow. Some long holiday weekend, eh?

Luckily, it's been an excellent morning yarnwise! I have had a bug up my butt since Fall of 2002 to make the Interweave Knits Hojo Sweater. I decided today to find out how much the Classic Elite Follies yarn was going to run me, and lo and behold, it's at for 2.97 a hank! They had all the colors except for the lime green, which is used for a teensy weensy bit in the fair isle pattern and the top of the neck, so I substituted with chamois, which I think will be fine.

While I was there, I also came across Tahki Cotton Colori, which I've been liking since the summer before last, too. I cleaned them out of the turquoise mix colorway, which, in person, has looked to me like a cool swimming pool made out of yarn.

I also discovered that although their standard shipping is USPS Priority mail, when you get to a certain point of heaviness, UPS Ground is cheaper. I like UPS because their tracking is updated in real-time, whereas USPS tracking is only updated at night. When I only had the Follies in my order, USPS was cheaper. When I added the Cotton Colori, suddenly UPS was a buck or so less than USPS. Yay!

This somewhat makes up for cruddy weather and having to go to the office in it later. I only wish I had the yarn now.