Friday, October 04, 2002

So I found out yesterday at work that I two things in common with a colleague I didn’t know very well. One, she just got engaged, and two, she’s a knitter! How cool is that? She told me she had stumbled across Bonne Marie’s site, and I was amused and told her it was only a matter of time before she found my blog. Then I realized that I have spent a lot of time the past few weeks talking about how I’m looking for a better job. Hmm. The debate in my head was between taking those posts down, or just trusting that she’s not the type of person to blabber, because she’s nice and there’s just no point in it. I went with the latter. So, Jenny, if you read this, please be discreet! Or I’ll tell everyone here that you love it when people smoke in your office when you’re not around. J

In other news, I’m headed up to Syracuse for my Homecoming weekend. Very much looking forward to seeing my best friend, Lisa, and several of my other roommates. Actually, I guess it’s all four of the girls I lived with senior year, but I’m really only looking forward to seeing three of them. That’s mean, isn’t it? Oh well – it’s the truth! Our flight leaves at 6:15, so I’m leaving the office at 4, and we arrive around 7:30. Did I ever mention the ridiculous price I got on those tickets? They were $98 round trip each! That’s cheaper than it would be to rent a car and gas it up for both ends of the trip from NYC. We’re renting a car up there for something like 50 bucks for the whole weekend. Gotta love those upstate NY prices!

Packing for this weekend was amusing. You’d think I were going to a third-world country, I was so afraid of forgetting something. Dunno why, except that since I am the only one living in the city, I feel this pressure to be extra-fabulous this weekend for all the girls, who are mostly suburban Mom’s now. Isn’t that ludicrous? Oh well, it’s true anyway. I also decided not to bring any knitting. The flight is only an hour and 15 minutes, and I have two books with me. I may finish my re-reading of The Two Towers (and by the way, I have the super-groovy circa-1965-or-so version that my Dad bought back when it first came out in paperback, not the movie star new versions. It really bugs me when they reissue a book cover with movie stars). If I do finish that, I can start The Fourth Hand. Since I don’t have a particular project on the needles at the moment, I decided to just skip it and make things easier going through security, since we aren’t checking anything.

Today I’m supposed to find out about that fresh hell that may break out here at work. Let’s hope it gets scaled-back or the timeline gets pushed out a bit. If there’s anything to say, I’ll say it later. If not, I’ll see everyone on Monday!

Thursday, October 03, 2002

Hey, have you ever wondered if those vacuum-pack Space Bags on TV really work? Well, this is my full-queen size down comforter, a feather pillow, and a fleece blanket:

It's great fun stuffing those things and vacuuming all the air out. I used to have a cheaper kind where you didn't use the vacuum, but most of those have ripped by now. These were bigger and stronger, and I'm impressed with the amount of stuff I was able to pack into them. I pretty much got the bulk of my summer wardrobe into two of the large bags. Well, those two large bags plus two shopping bags of stuff I decided does not need to stay in my life any longer.

Yesterday's interview went pretty well, though it's always hard to tell what they really think of you. Thing is, I'm not sure I really want the job, because it sounds like I might be busy but bored. And I don't think it's what I want to do for a longer term, so I would just end up looking for something more interesting again in a year or sooner. I think I might be better off staying with the boredom I know, as opposed to having to get accustomed to a whole new variety.

I did drop off my portfolio at the other agency I had mentioned, and had a nice (informal) chat with the HR person who was recruiting me. I think I got in good with her because I opened her eyes to a quicker way to commute to her office. They just moved into cool new offices a month or so ago, and she had been taking a somewhat roundabout subway route from her place (she turns out to live right near Ryan) - the route involved a really long and annoying transfer from one line to the other, and took her a really long time. I told her about the "A" train, which is about 2 blocks from her house and goes straight to the stop a block away from her office. She was intrigued, and I know that right now she is loving me for saving her that time! Hopefully she and her creative director like my portfolio as much as my subway knowledge and decide to meet with me.

I also just set up an interview with a third agency. This is through a headhunter, but I spoke directly to the creative director to set up the time. He seemed really nice and had a good sense of humor, so I'm looking forward to that interview next Wednesday after work.

I wrote those first few paragraphs at 10am, and didn't get back until 2pm to finish. We had this most ridiculous timeline meeting for a bunch of projects that may or may not actually happen, but if they do, everything needs to be finished by November 27th to be submitted to the FDA for approval. We're talking brochures, letters, sales sheets and a whole ton of other esoteric shit. The kind of work that under normal conditions would be 4-5 months worth. Absofuckinglutely ridiculous. I was almost speechless after this meeting. We'd need at least 3-4 other writers, and even then it would be a nightmare to get this stuff done. We're talking late nights and weekends. Shit shit shit. I am hoping some of these other opportunities pan out, because I do not want to work like that. Even if we get it done, it will be a greatly compromised product we produce on such a short timeline, so it's hardly worth it.

Oh well. I am going to go and enjoy the quiet while it lasts.

Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Well hallelujah, I finally made it back to Stitch-n-Bitch last night! I was more there for the bitch part than the stitch part, as it turns out. I brought my pretty pink angora but forgot a book of stitch patterns, and I kind of futzed around with it and came to no good conclusion so I just ripped it. But I chatted with everyone and had a good time before I left early, around 8:30.

I was just so tired when I left Java-n-Jazz, and when I went home I dyed my hair and was practically tipping over, I was so sleepy. Of course, I had trouble falling asleep, and at around 4:30 a.m. I was awakened by hot breath on my neck and a warm tongue in my ear. No, this isn't TMI - the breath smelled of cat food and the tongue felt like sandpaper. Why oh why does my cat love me so much when I am sleeping?

Interview today is at noon, and I wore a sort of less-suity suit so that people wouldn't get too suspicious. Not like I am that concerned really. I think a lot of people are covering their butts around here by interviewing, etc. At least, the smart people should be. The agency isn't in desperate shape or anything, but there are a lot of people with little to do right now, and they have gotten rid of a few of them recently.

I'm getting excited for my weekend. Ryan and I are flying up to Syracuse to meet a bunch of my college roommates and friends for Homecoming. Ten years. I can hardly believe it! I'm also psyched because at the 11th hour we managed to get rooms at the Sheraton that is basically on-campus. Originally it was booked and they put me on the waiting list, which I thought was a joke. Apparently not! Of course, it's twice the price of the other place we had reserved, and twice the price of a normal weekend at the same hotel, but it's worth it to be right there and not have to drive. Particularly if we re-live our most common college memories, which are not particularly conducive to driving!

Hmm, that reminds me that I ought to let my boss know I need to leave here an hour or so early on Friday to make my flight. Yeah, like I have any work that would keep me here!

Forgot to post my latest wedding-related purchase. I found this at a thrift store on my way home Monday afternoon - the tag inside says Bloomingdale's, and it was eight bucks. I know I have looked for similar purses there in the past and they are usually around $50, so I'm pleased.

That's all for now - think good thoughts my way at noon, Eastern time!

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Inertia is really tough. After a full day of sitting on my ass at work with little to do, I come home and...sit on my ass some more! Really, it's a problem - I can't seem to motivate to do much of anything when I get home at night, and thus my apartment never quite gets clean. I do a little here and there, scrub the tub one day, sweep, but never that down and dirty make it all pretty cleaning. But I am going away this weekend and really want to return to a nice apartment, so I guess I will find the time somehow. Apparently if you don't leave with it clean, you cannot return to it being clean. Shocking!

Well, one agency that looked at my portfolio wanted someone with more pharmaceutical experience. Fine. I have an interview tomorrow, and another place to drop my book off afterwards. Plus another hit from Monster on my resume. We'll see if anything comes of it.

Stitch-n-Bitch tonight. Damnit, I am going! I am probably going early and leaving early, but I am going! I don't have anything in progress to work on, but I am bringing that pretty pink Anny Blatt angora that I bought a month or so ago, and I will start playing with stitch patterns for a girlie scarf.

Now I'm off to another meeting.

Monday, September 30, 2002

I forgot to mention how much I love Knitty! Amy has done a fantastic job, and so did all those who contributed designs and articles. I enjoyed perusing it during my downtime on Friday. I'm finding myself particularly drawn to the Topsecret sweater for myself, though it may have to wait a while. I just love the lines of that one! But all the projects look fantastic, and I'm so proud of all of you!

I'm actually feeling sort of lame for not contributing to Knitty in any other way than throwing some off-the-cuff taglines at Amy when she requested them. And I like the tag she chose much better than any of the ones I came up with, so I don't feel one iota of disappointment over that! But I feel like I ought to have been a part of this, and the only reason I wasn't was my own lame-osity. Maybe I will try something for the next one.

Truthfully I think wedding planning and better-job searching have taken over a bit, putting knitting on the back burner. But I don't intend to let it stay there. Of course, once I start the bridesmaid tops, those will certainly have me back to knitting up a storm. But it will be mostly the same storm, over and over again with different necklines.
Well, I have failed in my bid to complete my oh-so-groovy hat for the RedLipstick hat show. The idea I had was going to take way too long, so I tried to modify it, and I hated it. Just thought it looked stooooopid. If I had been truly obsessive, I might have sent the boy away for the weekend and sat home trying to do it all, but I just couldn't. I wanted to go out and have some fun. Had to help clean up and make his apartment beautiful so we can sell it. You know the story. Girl dreams up hat. Girl tries to make hat. Girl spazzes and gives up on hat. Happens every day.

Maybe someday I will complete the hat the way I wanted to, and I will post it for all to see. In the meantime, I am putting it in the deep-freeze. Sorry to everyone who expected to see something cool - you'll just have to read instead.

Ryan and I cleaned up and prepared the aforementioned apartment for an Open House on Sunday, and it seems to have gone well. A few possible offers, but I won't get too excited over it until there is something more definite, because that's how I got disappointed last time. It would be great to get this over with, though. November 30th is getting closer and closer.

Still bored here at work, though they say new projects are coming. Uh-huh. We shall see. Like the apartment deal, I am skeptical. My Tuesday interview got pushed back to Wednesday, but that's fine.

Other than that, not much new. This week's plan is to make it to Stitch-n-Bitch tomorrow, and spend the other nights getting my house in order. I have been a real lazy bum about cleaning and stuff lately, and it's showing. I think the boredom at work brings on a general lethargy, and when I get home all I feel like doing is watching TV and eating Oreos. Lovely. I think we'll be back on track this week and I'll be the fabulous, exciting me again, just in time for our trip upstate this weekend.