Friday, May 02, 2003

After kind of an irritating experience at work that kept me here until 7 for no good reason, I got home and found a tremendous Bloomingdale's box in our apartment! Somehow that lifted my spirits. Greedy little thing, ain't I? It was actually a very generous gift from a friend of my Dad's who I have only met once, and who can't make it to the wedding because he's speaking at a conference in London. He and his wife wrote us a lovely note and bought us the espresso maker and the blender we registered for! I was very taken aback at their generosity.

I would write a thank you note, but I appear to have lost the envelopes that came with them. Urgh. I have to go out and find some small envelopes today, as we've gotten a few gifts that I would like to acknowledge ASAP. At least I didn't lose the notes themselves. I think this time I actually did throw out the envelopes with some other stuff. At least they are easier to replace than the headpiece would have been.

Finished all the knitting on bridesmaid top number 3 last night! Just have to sew the side seams, weave in the ends, and it's on to number 4. Only thing is I am not sure what I did with the pattern for number 4. It's only slightly different - square neck instead of a v-neck, and a size smaller. But I would prefer to have the actual pattern, since I have no time or inclination to improvise on this one. Looks like I'll be tearing the place apart once again. Maybe I'll find the envelopes, too?

In fun news, I have my first dress fitting tomorrow! So excited to see it again! It's been since August, as you might recall. Mom's coming with me, and possibly Leanne. Diana can't make it. Something tells me that will be another "this is really going to happen" moment.

Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Spring is really here! And there are 46 days left. 46 days to finish the neckband and sew up bridesmaid tank number 3, and make number 4. 46 days to get my dress fitted, ceremony details straightened out, and figure out for sure who is and is not coming. 48 days until I am in Hawaii!

Contrary to popular belief, I am not freaking out. I am really busy and constantly thinking about what needs to be done, but I haven't panicked and don't think I will. As long as I stay on top of everything, it's manageable.

I am kind of sick of knitting that purple silk. And I am a little nervous that the color won't go with the skirts as well as I want it to. But I think I'm just being paranoid. The good news is I am actually interested in knitting after I finish these - making something for (gasp) myself! There's a yarn store out in Port Jefferson that Leanne frequents, and they are having a sale in two weeks, and I think I will be joining her out there for the sale and lunch. Should be nice.

It just occurred to me - I wonder if there really is a yarn sale? Or could this be a ploy to get me to a shower? I know there is one, I just don't know when. And if you know, you'd better not say anything. I want to be surprised. But I also enjoy trying to figure it out. :-)