Thursday, December 12, 2002

Still coughing but not as much, and I feel much more human today. It does seem as though I am going to live - good to know.

Went to an eyewear sample sale last night at Alain Mikli. Fancy French eyewear designer. I needed new sunglasses to replace the ones I bought in Italy and lost, and I found a really cool pair with red frames for $30 bucks from his "lower priced" line - retail around $150. Then I spotted a cool pair of regular frames in a muted purple, that were just too cool to miss. Fifty bucks for frames that retail around $400. Yes, I signed up for their mailing list. Now in January, when my new vision plan starts, I'll go visit Yoon, my friend and eye doctor, and get prescription lenses for the purple frames. Yay!

The subway has been so crowded the past few days it almost makes me think the strike would be pleasant! Yesterday and today I had the same conductor's train, and he was very entertaining. Made lots of PSA-style announcements about pickpockets and not giving money to people who say they are from a charitable organization for the homeless. He was really into it, offering tips about keeping your wallet in your front pocket or holding your backpack in front of you - very helpful.

Tonight I think I'll start knitting the front of Kristy's bridesmaid tank while I watch "Must-see TV." I'm looking forward to hitting the sofa at the end of the day.

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

I saw a girl knitting on the subway this morning. She had raspberry-colored long hair and was working on what looked like the first row of ribbing for a sweater in what I think was a white cotton yarn. She was standing just a few feet away, so I took my headphones off and mentioned to her that if she was interested, there was a knitting group that met on Tuesdays right off Union Square. She was very interested, and said she had been looking at my scarf, wondering if I had knitted it (I had). So, if anyone spots her at SnB (the hair is hard to miss), be nice to her!

I didn’t make it last night because I’m sick again. Or still. Whatever. It seems to be a reverse virus. Usually I have a sore throat and feel crappy, then I get a cough. This time it was the other way around and now I’ve got the sore throat and feel crappy. If I were at my old job, I’d have called in sick, but I don’t have any sick time yet here until after the first of the year. Bummer.

I was supposed to go out tonight and wrap presents for a childrens’ charity with some friends, but I think I am going to have to pass. My body needs some charity, which will probably take the form of knitting on the sofa and going to bed early.

I haven’t started the second side of the tank just yet. Been too busy running around. Most of my holiday shopping is done, though I am still working on Ryan’s gift. I think I won’t discuss that in this forum!

Talk of a possible transit strike is really making me nervous. A few weeks ago, I could have just walked to work (albeit a long walk in the cold). But now that’s just not feasible – it would take well over an hour and involve crossing the Brooklyn Bridge in the freezing cold. I could carpool with some friends, but the mayor says they would only allow cars with four or more people to cross into the city. And I know traffic would just be hellacious. Let’s hope the MTA and the union can get it together and avoid the nightmare of a strike.

Monday, December 09, 2002

Thanks to all for the compliments on the bridesmaid tank. And no, I don't let Serena hang out on it a lot, so it's not cat-hairy. Ryan's kitties do like to sit on clothing, so I try not to leave stuff lying around where they can get to it.

Not much to tell today. I waited half an hour in the freezing cold this morning (20 degrees Fahrenheit) to get into the building where the Social Security office is. I needed a new SS card for work, and today was the day I chose to go. The 30 minute delay was because of security - they have one metal detector and a tiny lobby, but the building has offices for SS, IRS and Department of Labor. Half an hour to get in the building, 2 minutes to hand in the application, have the person do the data entry, and get a receipt telling me to expect my card in the mail in 5-10 days. Sheesh.

Then I got stuck at Fulton Street for 20 minutes on the subway because there was a sick passenger at Union Square. Argh! Didn't get to work until 10:45. Luckily I had said I'd be late and why, so no one cared. Plus it was a quiet day, so I didn't miss much.

Right now I am torn between surfing the web, unpacking some more stuff, and knitting by the TV. I think I'll go unpack until 8, then go for the latter, and try and let the web wait another day.