Friday, April 18, 2003

I've been back at work since Wednesday, but have pretty much been feeling like crap the whole time. The fever and all are gone, but my stomach is still just "not right." Last night I had a piece of matzoh (I'm keeping Passover) with some cheese melted on top - one piece of matzoh - and 2 macaroons. Felt full and queasy all night. In the morning, I'm too queasy for real food. And I am so sick of sweet stuff, but non-sweet stuff makes me feel queasy when I think about it. It's very strange.

So since I am barely eating, I am barely getting anything else done. Can't go to the gym, and I'm a little on the dopey side, I think. Luckily, because of the holidays, it's been a mellow few days at work. Hardly done anything. Next week I will pay for that, but for this week it's a much-needed break.

In the knitting arena, I'm about 3" into the second side of the third bridesmaid top. Yes, the light at the end of this silken tunnel is starting to seep into my existence. Hallelujah!

We received what I think is actually an early shower gift yesterday. Ryan thinks it's a wedding gift, but I am pretty sure I know better. My cousin and her husband bought us the pasta machine (the old-fashioned kind) and creme brulee torch from our Bed, Bath and Beyond registry! I am such a dork - I got all excited that they got me stuff I wanted, and didn't even remember I had put it on the registry. I don't know when my shower ("if we decide to have one for you" wink wink nudge nudge) is, but it's fun to get gifts, even if I feel a little funny about everyone spending all this money on me.

We also got an Easter basket from Ryan's mother. Chocolate and the usual stuff, plus some odd additions. A condom, for one (for the wedding night? Our big first time? LOL!). And when I opened one of the plastic eggs, instead of candy, there was a cicada shell inside! I shrieked because it looked like a cockroach. Apparently, she thought it was a cute souvenir of the suburbs, not a freaky dead buglike thing. Kinda funny in retrospect, but it scared the crap outta me at the time!

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

I think it's a virus, not the sushi. Ryan started throwing up around 1 a.m. Both of us have stopped throwing up, but feel miserable, feverish and I have terrible stomach pains. Been home nearly 2 days and I'm too sick to knit! Oh yes, and it's the most perfect Spring day ever here. But neither of us can even muster the energy to sit in the window. Lovely. Whine whine whine whine whine.

Monday, April 14, 2003

Well, even the busiest and most dedicated of us (whoever that may be - it isn't me!) sometimes get an enforced break. I woke up around 6am today feeling queasy and shaky and sweating, and around 7am, after much whining, I finally threw up a bunch of times. Wondering if it's last night's sushi or a virus. Only time will tell, I suppose. But I'm feeling like utter sh*t, and probably will head back to bed momentarily.