Thursday, February 05, 2004

I am having so much fun with HoJo! In the past, most of what I've knitted has either been straight stockinette or intarsia. Mostly because that's why I tend to like to wear. I generally like simple silhouettes. But I am enjoying the slight challenge of the branching cable rib so much, and I love watching the pattern unfold!

I was really disappointed to get stuck at work until 10:30 last night, because I didn't have my knitting with me. I only have 8-10 more rows (can't recall exactly) of the cable rib, then a few inches of regular rib before I get to the fair isle part, which I'm equally excited to play with. If all goes according to plan, I'll be fair isling on Amtrak tomorrow afternoon on the way to Albany!

I also really like this yarn - Classic Elite "Follies." It's got such a nice feel to it, and the stitch definition is good. It just zips right along on my Addi Turbos. This whole project (and the MiniChic before it) has really re-energized my zest for knitting!

Here's where I was the night before last:

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

I finished the sleeve, started the front, and found another thing to love about HoJo. Although the sleeve shaping was really irritating and involved far too much thinking, the front will not. The placement of the branching cable rib is at the waist, and it naturally pulls in a bit, so there is no shaping on the front of this sucker until you get to the armholes! That little thing made me very happy, and I managed to whip out about 17 rows of the branching rib before I got too tired to concentrate any more.

I'm heading up to Albany this coming weekend, to spend some girlie time with my best friend Lisa and her infant son, while her husband is at Army drill down here in the city. Baby Alex is too young to express an opinion, so we're considering it girlie time despite his technical maleness. I will finally get the opportunity to give her the Quiz sweater, which I am embarrassed to not have mailed earlier. I'm excited for the weekend, and also for the 2.5 hours of knitting time I'll get on Amtrak each way!