Friday, September 13, 2002

You know your hairstyle has made a vast difference in your appearance when even the 40-something straight men in the office stop in their tracks and say "cool hair!" I went back to Antonio Prieto salon last night and had the same guy, John, cut my hair. He just shaped it up a bit and re-chopped the layers so it wouldn't be so heavy, but didn't take much off the length, as I am still growing it long. Then he took out the blow dryer and the straightening iron and went to town.

Quite the change, eh? I really like it, because it feels so different! I have been very bored with my look lately, so this is a fun change of pace. Of course, it will only last until my next shampoo, so right now I am like the Wicked Witch of the West in my fear of water touching me. For my morning shower I put on a headband and a shower cap and it was fine. The most amazing thing to me was that I could sleep on my straight hair and wake up with it not even messed up. With my curly hair, that is a total impossibility.

So, now I am on the search for a good straightening iron. I don't intend to do the straight hair every day (especially if it is humid - then it's impossible) but I really like it as an option. Especially if it means I can do it one day and have it last for 2-3 after that. We'll see how long this one goes for.

In other fun news, my Artfibers yarn came today! I am so impressed - they sent it right away, and it got here within 3 days. Very exciting. I just need to fill out the pattern request sheets and have them generate my patterns. Yay! Of course, that means I need to talk to the chicas and find out what they all prefer as far as style. A knitting bride's work is never done!

Speaking of work, it is so insane. This client is nuts, and so is one of the account people who is running the show on this end. Some people (hopefully not I) are going to be working weekends to make sure this crap gets done in time for the convention the client has a booth at in October, and it's just so messy. Even my friend Jonathan, who is usually very calm and easygoing, was cursing up a storm in his office after our status meeting today. Bleah.

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