Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Our wedding invitations arrived yesterday and they are beautiful! I was really so pleased with the way they came out. I'd been worried about them, since we ordered online (I had seen a sample invitation without printing) and only had a fax proof. But everything is great, and I can in good conscience recommend Invitation Hotline to anyone who wants to order invitations (for anything, not just weddings) online.

Got most of the way through my taxes last night, and thanks to the job-hopping I did, I am getting a decent refund, which will be much appreciated. After talking to my best friend/tax advisor I just filled out a new W-4 and will be getting a few more bucks in my paycheck starting now, since the IRS considers you married for the whole year in the year in which you get married. Yay! I could certainly use the extra cash.

Tonight is gym night, and tomorrow is a big client presentation that I am a little nervous over. Not too anxious, but just enough to be paying attention. It's a semi-formal presentation, more of a work-in-progress than a full presentation, so it shouldn't be too bad.

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