Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Still busy rewriting stuff at work, and putting out lots of fires. It's tough because I feel so unmotivated most days. Pharmaceutical advertising is not exactly a wonderfully creative field. I work in a place with wonderful people, and the job can be interesting and challenging, but most of the time I just wish I could do something else. Eventually, I will. But right now, it pays far too well for me to leave, given that Ryan is still getting his new career started.

But it makes me grumpy some days. Especially in the mornings.

I need to start a new project - something to knit. I have a lot of leftover purple silk and someday would like to make myself a tank top like I made for my bridesmiads, but I think if I do another one of those now, I will actually implode. I want to make something pretty and happy and just for me. I'm thinking about Bonne Marie's cute Chic Kami. I may just go and buy that pattern after I post this. I've got plenty of cotton yarn lying around the Ikea cabinet just begging to be made into something, and I think it'll make me feel better to do it.

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