Monday, February 09, 2004

Well, working late Wednesday and Thursday nights precluded knitting, so I actually didn't get to finish the ribbing until I was on the train Friday night. Then I finished the first section of Fair Isle, which didn't require any decreases. It looks fabulous.

Now I'm up to the second chart, and I'm having a bitch of a time with it - this is where the armhole decreases start. Maybe some wonderful reader will have a better clue. Here are my issues:

  1. The chart has markings for where to start for each size. My size says to start on the 2nd square of the chart. Gotcha. Do I continue that for the whole chart, or do I continue merrily along, doing the whole chart for each subsequent row?
  2. I'm supposed to bind off four stitches for the first two rows. I am assuming I bind off the four stitches and THEN start the chart. Is that so? And if so, is the stitch that is on my right needle after binding off that last stitch the first stitch, or is the next one? (I think it's the former, but need to be sure.)
  3. When I decrease, do I count the decrease stitch as two squares in the chart and skip one, or do I count it as one stitch in whatever color the chart specifies there? If the latter, doesn't this screw up the chart because I will have fewer stitches than the chart was written for?

I've tried various ways of doing this and nothing has been quite working. When I get to the first chart repeat, it turns out I should have one more stitch and I don't. But the row before is definitely correct. Argh! Anyone have any good fair isle resources?

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