Sunday, January 18, 2004

Well, this is a shitty week/end workwise. It looks like I am going to have to go in again today, and maybe even tomorrow. Some long holiday weekend, eh?

Luckily, it's been an excellent morning yarnwise! I have had a bug up my butt since Fall of 2002 to make the Interweave Knits Hojo Sweater. I decided today to find out how much the Classic Elite Follies yarn was going to run me, and lo and behold, it's at for 2.97 a hank! They had all the colors except for the lime green, which is used for a teensy weensy bit in the fair isle pattern and the top of the neck, so I substituted with chamois, which I think will be fine.

While I was there, I also came across Tahki Cotton Colori, which I've been liking since the summer before last, too. I cleaned them out of the turquoise mix colorway, which, in person, has looked to me like a cool swimming pool made out of yarn.

I also discovered that although their standard shipping is USPS Priority mail, when you get to a certain point of heaviness, UPS Ground is cheaper. I like UPS because their tracking is updated in real-time, whereas USPS tracking is only updated at night. When I only had the Follies in my order, USPS was cheaper. When I added the Cotton Colori, suddenly UPS was a buck or so less than USPS. Yay!

This somewhat makes up for cruddy weather and having to go to the office in it later. I only wish I had the yarn now.

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