Friday, May 30, 2008

What's in a name?

Should I rename this blog? I mean, I don't knit much these days, and even when I do start knitting again, it's probably not going to be a knit-centric blog anymore. There's just too much other stuff in my life. I feel kind of attached to "betseeee knits" but I also think it's kind of silly to write all this stuff about my kids, house, and random personal stuff under that title. What do you think?


Sheilah said...

I like it. Maybe there is a pun in there somewhere. Like, all aobout how life leaves you in stitches or somethin'. :-P

zooaskew said...

I like it too. With your description under the title it shows your progression from knitter to momma and everything in between. :)

Ellen said...

Hi Betsy,
I remember when we were the first wave of knitbloggers way back when.
I think you should keep your blog name. Partially for nostalgia's sake and as others have said, it can be symbolic. Perhaps of your close knit family? Whaddya think?

alex nguyen said...

it's symbolic knitting're knitting together a family, your new life as a mom, etc. :) i think it's apt.