Friday, June 20, 2008

Overheard in the car

There's nothing funnier than listening to the girls chatter away in the back seat. I've gotten to the point that a lot of times I don't even turn on the radio, because I am having so much fun eavesdropping.

"Look at dat big airplane! It is a blue angel!"

"No Lilly. Dat is not a blue angel. Dat is a different airplane."

"Oh. OK."

(we drive past a daycare center with an outdoor playground)

"I want to go there! I want to go there, Mommy!"

"We cannot go there, Lilly. There are all the kids in that house. We do not have the key to that house."

"Oh. Hey look! Sliday's!" (TGI Friday's restaurant)

"We go there with Grandma and Pop-pop and we eat food!"

This was all one conversation. It's surreal. I remember when the only "conversation" I heard in the car was one baby crying and the second baby joining in, just for the hell of it. It's amazing how far they have come.


Lilypad Mom said...

So cute! I love listening to LP talk, I can only imagine what a conversation between two little ones must be like. Have you taped them to play for them when they are older?

Molly said...

I don't have two to converse with each other, but sometimes I have a very similar conversation with Reedo. I'm sure it's entertaining to all around us! I agree that you should tape it to play back to them when they're older - they'll love it!