Friday, August 01, 2008

That's right, just throw the camera out now

Because really, can it get any cuter than this?

Haven't posted much lately because I'm so burnt. The babysitter, Janine, is awesome, but the girls won't take a normal nap when she's here, and that is causing havoc with their entire sleep "schedule." The late summer nights (like tonight) at the beach and various other venues probably aren't helping, either.

What it means for me is a lot of cranky afternoons for all of us, because they are tired but can't settle for a nap (or it's too late for one) and I didn't get 10 minutes to myself all freaking day. Nothing good can come of that, ya know?

But damn, when they are cute, they are cute!


IrishNYC said...

And cute they are!

Lilypad Mom said...

Adorable! You're right, it would be hard to get any cuter.

ovi said...

So cute I can't stand it! I hope you get some time to yourself soon.


Ooh, what beach is this? It looks prettier than Jones Beach, which is the only local beach I've been to since moving to NY... And your girls are just absolutely *darling*! :)