Thursday, June 25, 2009

Potty Party

We've been dancing around the potty subject for weeks. Maybe months. A couple of weeks ago I tried putting them in panties, and had mixed results. Mostly, they would hold it for a really really long time, and then if I didn't say anything in time, they'd pee or poop in their panties. It wasn't very fun. My sofa, livingroom rug, and dining room floor were victimized. Even as late as this past Monday, they were fine for hours and then had accidents.

Yesterday, something clicked. They both spent the entire day at home, accident-free. And I didn't have to remind anyone to use the potty (a strategy that I found highly ineffective, by the way). Throughout the day, I heard "I have to use the potty!" and they'd run on in. Sometimes they asked for help, but mostly they just went on up there and did what they had to do, and I just helped clean up and turned the faucet on for them to wash up. They acted like they'd been doing it for years.

I never thought I'd be so excited about this whole thing. I thought I'd feel a little sad, even, that they are growing up so much. But I'm just happy! There are plenty of times I lament that I don't have little babies anymore, but this sure is not one of them. Their little tushies are so cute in their panties, too. When I pick them up, I feel squishy tushie instead of crinkly diaper. Nice!