Friday, October 18, 2002

Amidst all the bleeding cow blanket sadness, I have found so many kind and helpful knitters. I've gotten tons of suggestions from the knitlist and blog readers, and from Cindy at Apple Laine. And this morning I received a very nice note from another Cindy, at Mission Falls. Rather than paraphrase, I'll just be lazy and paste it all in:

"Dear Betsy,
Thank you for contacting Mission Falls.
We are truly saddened to hear that you are having unpleasant results with our 1824 Cotton. As you found from the others you asked, "issues" are not a common problem with our yarns. However, as with all things in life.... "stuff"  happens. Unfortunately, once colours have run it is almost impossible to reverse the effects. I wish I could offer some "magic fix" to help save all of your work and the lovely gift for your cousin's new born.
To help us find out if this is a chronic problem with a specific dye lot, it would be helpful if you would provide the following information:
1- dye lot number
2- approx. date purchased
3- name and location of the store you purchased the yarn through.

It is our policy to replace any problematic yarn through the originating retailer. If your purchase was made in the U.S. our American distributor (Unique Kolours) will replace the yarn.

Once again, we are truly sorry that you have had this unpleasant experience with our 1824 Cotton.

Mission Falls

ps-- we were doing some "brain storming" in the studio and came up with a possible way of saving your creation.... however... you will have to imagine an unorthodox cow! Using a cold water dye (such as Dylon) colour the blanket say.... purple.... the black cow spots will stay black and the background will take on the colour of the dye. The designer of  Moo (Mags Kandis) originally wanted the cow to be purple and not so "pedestrian". Just a thought...."

I think I am going to first try the Synthrapol and see if it manages to help. If not, I may go and do the purple dye thing. It would be funky and different, and purple is still good now that I know it's a boy. It may not be what I intended, but it would be better than a dirty-looking blankie, and better than no blankie at all!

Speaking of all this, go take a look at my new baby cousin! Can't do a direct link, so go here and click on Joshua Samuel, October 14th - last time I looked he was the first link. How cute will he be wrapped up in an ivory or purple cow blankie?!

Busy weekend coming up. Apartment-looking tomorrow morning, Wendy and Nik's housewarming in New Jersey tomorrow afternoon. Then on Sunday Leanne and I are headed up to Rhinebeck for the NY State Sheep and Wool Festival! I'm doubly excited because I don't see Leanne much these days, and what better way to get together than over some nice sheep and wool?

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