Thursday, October 17, 2002

I've gotten some encouraging words from various knitters regarding the bleeding cow blanket (now that would be a hella baby gift, eh?) situation. Several people suggested the Synthrapol that I've already ordered, so I have high hopes, tempered by reality. Another nice person told me of a Land's End sweater that bled the way my blanket did, and the advice she got from them was to wash it several more times, and she said eventually it got the excess dye out.

I also got a note from Cindy at Apple Laine, which was where I got the yarn from. She told me to check the dye lot, because she recalls one dye lot in Mission Falls' history which bled, and wants to see if I got that one. But I recall when I ordered the yarn, she held onto my order for a few days because she wanted to get a new dye lot to replace the bloody one she had. Still, I'll check when I get home and see if I saved the paper with the dye lot info. I know you're always supposed to, but I am not always so perfect (aren't you shocked?!). She offered to refund my money or replace the yarn, but I feel bad if she's going to be out money for something that isn't really her fault. She said she'd send me whatever products she has that she thinks might help the problem. What a nice person.

Anyway, I am going to try everything and cross my fingers that this poor little blanket survives. I wonder if I would re-knit it if it doesn't? Yipes. We'll cross that bridge if we come to it. It turns out we're not going to make it to the bris on Monday because of work and Ryan's school, so I will have a little extra time. Am I crazy enough to do this thing again?

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