Tuesday, October 29, 2002

I am such a dork. I thought Halloween was tomorrow! We're having a party here at work, and I am making Caramel Lady Apples, so I set to making them last night, thinking it was my only opportunity. The first batch (1 dozen) stuck to the waxed paper, and I nearly went ballistic, thinking I'd have to miss Stitch-n-Bitch again tonight in order to make a fresh one. Boy was it a pleasant surprise when I watched the weather this morning on TV and saw the little jack o' lantern on Thursday rather than Wednesday! I can buy more heavy cream tonight and make another batch tomorrow. Yay!

I think that little anecdote illustrates how crazed I've been over the past few weeks. I am normally very aware of the date, time, etc. But with so much going on, it's started to get away from me. I guess moving and getting a new job while in the midst of planning a wedding will do that to ya.

This weekend was fun and mellow. Spent some good time with my bro before he went back to San Francisco, and then went car shopping on Sunday. We're looking at buying a "gently used" Honda Civic. Probably a '99 or thereabouts. We test drove an older one and it was better than either of us expected, which was a nice change of pace. We had a lot of conversation about buying or leasing, whether we should get something newer or nicer, etc. But it really seems that if we are going to park this sucker on the street in Brooklyn, no matter how nice the neighborhood is, we shouldn't go for a brand-new fancy-schmancy car. I don't want to cry when it inevitably gets scratched. And since there seem to be lots of good deals on cars that are just a couple of years old, this seems like a good move.

I cannot wait to get that car. Whatever car it turns out to be. After growing up in the 'burbs, living in the city without a car was fun at first. The subway was novel. Taking the train out of town was novel. "Leave the driving to us!" Hmm, that was Greyhound. "All Aboard Amtrak!" Yeah, I think that's their slogan. Anyway, now that so many friends live out of the city, and I've gone eight years without a car, I am so ready to have one again. Our marathon trip home from Wendy's housewarming party (should've been 1.5 hours door to door, turned into 3) was even more fuel on that fire. So, after we close and get the money from the sale of Ryan's apartment, we are going to use some of that to buy a car. Yippee!!

I actually have something to work on at Stitch-n-Bitch tonight. That scarf I was making over the weekend is about twice as long as in the photo, and I totally love it. It's soft and pretty and squishy, and I like the random garter stitch texture. It's also nice and mindless so I can catch up with everybody. After the scarf, I have to start Kristy's bridesmaid top. I want it finished when we go there for Christmas. I also want to make Kate's oh-so-comfy-looking Top Secret sweater for myself, using the Gedifra Dandy (colorway #45) I bought on eBay last Spring. But I am going to force myself to hold off until I finish the Kristy tank. You heard me say it - if I don't do it, feel free to yell at me!

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