Thursday, October 31, 2002

My left hand/wrist hurts more today than it did yesterday. Well, maybe not more, but equal. Yuk. Too much knitting and too much sitting at the computer, I suppose. I'm sure it will ease up if I do.

So, this is kinda fun - a girl on The Knot saw a post on their message boards where I was talking about knitting the bridesmaid tank tops, and she asked if she could pay me to knit her a shrug to go with her wedding gown. How amusing! Her wedding is in September out on the beach in the Hamptons, which sounds really lovely. I told her I'd be happy to, and if I can't, I'm sure I can find her someone who can. She seems really nice, and I think she may come down to Stitch-n-Bitch one of these days, even, as she has expressed an interest in learning to knit. Apparently she already crochets, so I bet she'd be easy to teach.

The car-lust is growing daily. We may go back out there this weekend. I think it's fueled even more by Dad's new car excitement - they are taking delivery today. And then Leanne told me she and Glen are about to buy her a new car. It seems the thing to do right now! We'll see what kind of deals we can find and work from there.

Today's the Halloween party at work and I brought my caramel lady apples. They are so cute! I wrapped them in a little cellophane gift bag and tied it with a raffia bow. Should have remembered to bring my camera today. Silly me. We are going to have way too much food, and that's a good thing, I think. Plus, it's an hour or so we don't have to work! Yay! Happy Halloweenie, everybody!

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