Friday, October 25, 2002

Rush was great last night! I can't believe those guys put on a three-hour show with so much energy. They played so many of my favorites, and still had to leave out so many others - there's just too much material. They did a lot of the older, less commercial stuff, like La Villa Strangiata, which, truth be told, I don't know nearly as well as all the boys in the audience. But they also did lots of fun stuff like Freewill, Spirit of Radio, YYZ, and much more.

Funny about the demographics at the show - very few folks under 30-ish. It was actually sort of fun to be at a concert where I didn't feel old. Also, as I pointed out, I didn't have to find out, but I bet the lines at the ladies' rooms were pretty short. Rush definitely skews heavily male! We were two girls, four boys, and I think that would be representative of the overall ratio. Lots of old tour t-shirts and scraggly hair. Didn't see a lot of hockey hair, though - an encouraging sign of the mullet's final demise!

All in all, it was a really fun night, only slightly marred by my rapidly-developing cold. Today I feel like crap, of course. We're supposed to go to a Halloween party at the home of some friends we haven't seen in ages. I just don't think I'd have a good time, feeling like this, so we're going to have to skip it. I'm sad about it, but if I have to drag myself there, it's not really a party, is it?

I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend, and maybe even getting some knitting in at some point. Yeah yeah, I have been threatening to knit for weeks, I know. Well, anything could happen!

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