Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Too much excitement had me up today at 6 a.m. My head was spinning with thoughts of new jobs and new apartments. Nothing is definite yet, but I have a good feeling about both. And that's all I want to say for the moment on that subject, lest I jinx myself. Or just feel stupid for giving details when it doesn't happen.

Unfortunately, since those two subjects with a little wedding planning thrown in have basically taken over my life, I have little else to report. I haven't touched any of my knitting since the bloody cow debacle. I'm still awaiting my synthrapol delivery to try and remedy that one. Otherwise I will end up dyeing it purple, as the Mission Falls folks suggested.

I need to start on the bridesmaid tops soon. Really soon. I can't get everyone to pick a neckline style, though I admit I haven't pushed them much. Kristy and Leanne were easy - they wanted basically the same thing - v-neck. Diana and Lisa aren't certain, but I think I will bug them today if I have a chance. I want to fax the forms for the patterns all at the same time so there's no confusion, and I don't want to wait much longer. As I mentioned earlier, we're going to Kristy's house in Hawaii for Christmas, and I want to bring her tank with me to be sure it fits.

I have a feeling I won't make it to Stitch-n-Bitch tonight due to the early wake-up, plethora of work, and other crap. I'm really bummed that I haven't been there lately - I'm missing my girls, and the knitting time. But, I know I will be back again as things calm down a bit, so have no fear. I will be knitting purple silk tanks from now until Spring arrives, and the good company will be essential to getting it done!

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