Sunday, November 03, 2002

I can't believe it. Ladies and gentlemen, our new car:

2003 Honda Civic, Eternal Blue

We take delivery Wednesday night. We ended up buying the 2003 brand-new, because the price difference just wasn't enough to make it worth buying either a leftover 2002 or a certified pre-owned model. The 2002s were like 500 bucks cheaper, and only available in icky colors. And the older used ones were still only around $2000 less unless you were talking about something over 5 years old with a lot of mileage. So to buy a car with that much mileage on it and not even save much money seemed silly. Ryan and I agreed, and my Dad (who came with us) did, too. So, we've got a new car, and can't wait to pick it up!

Other than that, not much news except being pissed-off at my friend Diana once more. She's been saying for weeks that she wants my sofabed, which we will not be moving into the new apartment. After telling me all week she was coming Saturday, and assuring me she really wants the sofa even though she's having trouble finding someone to help her pick it up, she bails. Apparently her new roommate decides yesterday that he wants to buy a new sofa, so he doesn't want mine. Yes, it's her apartment. But he won't help her come and get it, so there goes that.

If she had told me a week or so ago that she wasn't going to take the sofa, I would've had more time to make other arrangements. Now I am going to list that and my Somma bed on Craigs List and hope someone will want them, cheap, before the 13th. It just pisses me off that I asked her so many times if she was really taking it, and every time she said yes, until the day she was supposed to come get it. I suppose someday I will learn not to rely on her for even the smallest details. Oh yes, she's my maid of honor. Shut up, I don't want to hear it.

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