Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Stitch-n-Bitch was lots of fun last night. Most of the "regulars" were there, which made me happy, since I may not see them for a couple of weeks due to our big move next Tuesday. New friend Casey also joined, and was happy to have met so many people, even if she was crocheting rather than knitting.

But the most interesting "guest" by far was the guy on the sofa. He stumbled in when there just a few of us sitting there. He was a scruffy twenty-something guy carrying a can of Nutrament, and he took a seat on the end of the sofa furthest away from me (it's an "L"-shaped sofa), where he promptly passed out for a good hour-and-a-half, maybe even longer. There were several points at which we wondered if he had actually died there, but we saw breathing movements so it seemed OK. A little before 9pm one of the girls who works at the cafe came over and woke him up. It seemed like she might know him. He looked around in a daze, and then wandered off. As strange as it was to be knitting with some dude passed out on the sofa, it had to be stranger to be the dude waking up surrounded by knitters.

I did manage to pack a few boxes of books last night, so I have officially started packing. Ugh. Please someone tell me this will not be so bad? Five years of accumulation. I have gotten rid of a lot of stuff over the past few months, but there always seems to be more, and most of it is going to end up coming with me.

Tonight we're headed out to Long Island to pick up our new car! I am so excited I can hardly wait. I'm also happy because I remembered to bring my Moo blanket and the Synthrapol so I am going to throw those in the washing machine at my parents' house while we're there. I've been waiting for the opportunity to use their machine rather than the rough industrial machines in my apartment building. Cross your fingers that everything goes OK and I don't have to dye the darn thing purple.

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