Thursday, November 28, 2002

This Thanksgiving morning, I'm thankful to have gotten a good night's sleep! I'm also thankful that we've got more unpacked than still packed, and that Ryan had a happy birthday. And that our kitties are getting along.

As I wrote that last bit, Serena jumped from the top of my monitor to the top of my bookcase, which is in a new (apparently more exciting) configuration here in the new apartment. She's been spending a lot of time climbing on the furniture. She particularly likes to be up on the top of the armoire, which is over 6 feet tall. Once she gets up high, she usually puts her front paws on the walls or moldings, looking for a way to get higher. I swear, the cat would climb across the ceiling if she could. Now she's back on the monitor, stalking Cleo. I think it's mostly play, but you never know when things could get out of hand!

We're headed out to my parents' house in a few hours. Ah, another thing to be thankful for - the ability to drive our car out there rather than cram in with a million people on the Long Island Railroad. After dinner we'll go to Leanne's parents' house, although she won't be there. Pastry chefs sometimes get stuck working on Thanksgiving. I'll be back out there tomorrow to see Leanne and her sister Tracy, so I can give Tracy the strawberry cap I made for her baby, Liliana.

The rest of the weekend I plan to lay low and finish unpacking and settling in here. We're doing quite well, but still have some stuff to sort out. Mostly kitchen stuff and my office stuff, since I have been working and haven't had time to do it. Once we settle more, I'm sure I'll blog more regularly. In the meantime, happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

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