Monday, November 25, 2002

FInding it harder to blog these days for a bunch of reasons. First, I'm so
busy unpacking at home that I can barely find time to get to the computer.
And some days the computer is blocked by boxes! Working on that one.

Second, for some reason Netscape 4.76 is the only browser installed on this
ancient iMac at my new job, and blogger pro is not compatible with it. I
haven't completely sussed out whether it's OK (i.e. if there are any weird
IT policies about software installation) for me to install Exploder, but I
think I'll probably do it anyway soon. Right now, I'm going to try the
"email to post" option offered by blogger pro. Hope it goes OK. If not,
blame any formatting oddities on that, not me!

Things are percolating along at home, though we are still screwed on the
telephone front. Next day they can even attempt to install a line is
Tuesday, 12/3. And that is contingent on either being able to get into the
next-door-neighbors' apartment or finding an alternate route. I'm not
optimistic right now. At least our landlord is being (for her) sympathetic,
and agreed to cover the installation charges, which are going to be $213 for
two jacks in the apartment. Yeesh. At least we don't have to pay for the
outside wiring!

I knitted a bit on the subway this morning. I thought I was rather clever,
standing in the doorway of the moving train, bracing my back against the
door while I knit away on a strawberry cap, yarn tucked away in my shoulder
bag. I did consider that if the train stopped short I'd stab myself (or
someone else) in the chest with my size 6 addi turbo circulars, but I
decided the probability was small enough not to warrant further

I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving, if only to have four days out of the
office, three of which I can use to finish unpacking and getting the
apartment in order. Before Thanksgiving comes Ryan's birthday (Nov. 27th),
which I'm also looking forward to. I got him a...yeah right, I'm going to
post it on my blog for him to see! How stupid do I look?! He does
know that I've invited a bunch of his friends to join us for Korean BBQ
Wednesday night. Should be fun since no one has to work the next day.

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