Thursday, November 21, 2002

Well, it took over a week but at least my internet connection is back. Getting cable installed was a nightmare. And we still don't have a phone. Apparently, when the contractor renovated this apartment, he cut the phone and cable lines in the building. Restoring those is easier said than done. Because this neighborhood is a landmark district, all utlity lines, etc. have to be in the back of the building, and nothing can be run up the front. That means the boxes where cable and phone originate are in the back of the building, which is only accessible through the neighboring building's yard. The cable guy had to use a ladder and drill through the walls, and the phone people are going to have to do them one better and also go through our across-the-hall-neighbor's apartment.

That means to get a phone we have to coordinate with (1) Verizon (ugh), (2) the person in the neighboring building, (3) our neighbor across the hall, and (4) Ryan's class schedule (since I can't take any time off the new job). What a friggin mess. In the meantime, we've been out of touch and running up giant cellphone bills. Whee!

Tonight, at least, I came home and checked my mail (which I'd been doing at work for a few days, but didn't want to be slacking so soon and thus wasn't answering much of). Then I watched all the NBC TV shows, and started a new fruit cap for Leanne's niece. I never got to see her over the summer, and now the 6-month size is too small, but I'll be seeing her next week. And apparently her Mom was just telling Leanne she hardly has any baby hats! Perfect!

Other than all the installation crap and the boxes everywhere, so far, so good in our new place. We're getting settled as fast as we can, and once we are I'm sure I'll have more exciting news to blog than this.

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