Thursday, December 12, 2002

Still coughing but not as much, and I feel much more human today. It does seem as though I am going to live - good to know.

Went to an eyewear sample sale last night at Alain Mikli. Fancy French eyewear designer. I needed new sunglasses to replace the ones I bought in Italy and lost, and I found a really cool pair with red frames for $30 bucks from his "lower priced" line - retail around $150. Then I spotted a cool pair of regular frames in a muted purple, that were just too cool to miss. Fifty bucks for frames that retail around $400. Yes, I signed up for their mailing list. Now in January, when my new vision plan starts, I'll go visit Yoon, my friend and eye doctor, and get prescription lenses for the purple frames. Yay!

The subway has been so crowded the past few days it almost makes me think the strike would be pleasant! Yesterday and today I had the same conductor's train, and he was very entertaining. Made lots of PSA-style announcements about pickpockets and not giving money to people who say they are from a charitable organization for the homeless. He was really into it, offering tips about keeping your wallet in your front pocket or holding your backpack in front of you - very helpful.

Tonight I think I'll start knitting the front of Kristy's bridesmaid tank while I watch "Must-see TV." I'm looking forward to hitting the sofa at the end of the day.

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