Monday, December 09, 2002

Thanks to all for the compliments on the bridesmaid tank. And no, I don't let Serena hang out on it a lot, so it's not cat-hairy. Ryan's kitties do like to sit on clothing, so I try not to leave stuff lying around where they can get to it.

Not much to tell today. I waited half an hour in the freezing cold this morning (20 degrees Fahrenheit) to get into the building where the Social Security office is. I needed a new SS card for work, and today was the day I chose to go. The 30 minute delay was because of security - they have one metal detector and a tiny lobby, but the building has offices for SS, IRS and Department of Labor. Half an hour to get in the building, 2 minutes to hand in the application, have the person do the data entry, and get a receipt telling me to expect my card in the mail in 5-10 days. Sheesh.

Then I got stuck at Fulton Street for 20 minutes on the subway because there was a sick passenger at Union Square. Argh! Didn't get to work until 10:45. Luckily I had said I'd be late and why, so no one cared. Plus it was a quiet day, so I didn't miss much.

Right now I am torn between surfing the web, unpacking some more stuff, and knitting by the TV. I think I'll go unpack until 8, then go for the latter, and try and let the web wait another day.

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