Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Well, I just got motivated and updated all my links. Deleted the non-working ones, changed a few blog names that had morphed, and updated some URLs. I hope I got it all!

Before I head off to bridesmaid top knitting-land, I figured I'd post a bit. Uh-oh - I just heard "Crazy Taxi 3" start in the next room. Must...resist...

The good thing about wedding and knitting is it keeps me from obsessing about other stuff too much. Like the impending war. Of course, reminders are constantly there. This morning, there were ten cops on the uptown 4 train platform at Borough Hall. They were clustered in 4 small groups along the platform. Wonder if that will be a regular thing from here on in. I guess all the muggers will be disappointed, but somehow it doesn't seem like it will deter the terrorists.

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