Monday, March 24, 2003

It's National Orange Day and I am actually wearing orange! I even brought an orange with my lunch, though that was purely coincidental.

I know I haven't posted in a week and a lot has happened. Is it possible that this war has actually rendered me speechless? Not quite. But I haven't quite known what to say, and have felt like anything I have to say has been said by so many people already. But I will do so now anyway.

I was not happy about the prospect of this war. I am no fan of George W. Bush, and I don't have the greatest confidence in his leadership. I do, however, believe that Saddam Hussein is violating the terms of the UN resolutions, and is a danger to at least the U.S. and his own people. But the thought of the U.S. going in there, bombing and killing without an overt provocation really made me stomach turn.

Of course, now we've done it, and there's not much choice. I still wish that diplomacy had worked. I still believe that with another president - one who was more interested in making progress than tough-talking sound bites - it could have worked. Unfortunately, that's not who is in power, so we are at war. And since we are at war, I have to support our troops 100% and hope that the incredible military machine we have built will prove successful. The shorter this war, the fewer lives will be lost, on both sides.

So that is where I stand - I will be tying yellow ribbons, even as I lament that we are at war at all.

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