Saturday, May 24, 2003

I'm having trouble with the stupid mitred corners on the neckband of the last bridesmaid top, which is a square neck. Urgh. I think I just need to pull out the 2 rows I did and try it again, being a bit more careful this time. If that doesn't work, be prepared for the cry for help!

Yesterday we brought Ryan's tux to be tailored, and then went to see the Matrix Reloaded. I enjoyed it, though some of the action scenes just felt a little gratuitous and I am just not buying the romance between the two emotionally bankrupt stars. Still, it was a thought-provoking and highly entertaining flick and I will certainly look forward to seeing the final part of the trilogy at Christmastime.

After that I went and had a trial of my wedding hair. Verdict is: guilty! OK, he did this loose curly updo that I thought was very pretty, and when I met Ryan afterwards (sans veil and headpiece) his whole body language and tone just said "eh." It was pretty awful. This is the guy who thinks I'm hot when I stick my hair up in a big clip, so for him to have such a lukewarm reaction to a professional 'do was stunning and devastating. Especially since it's my wedding hair. Normally I'm not that concerned (maybe because normally he thinks I'm gorgeous) but this really threw me into the dumps for the evening. Not sure what I'll do, but I have an appointment for a trim on Wednesday (same hairdresser) so I guess we will discuss then.

Still freezing here at 53 degrees. I can't believe this is Memorial Day weekend. We've had some pretty lame weather for this weekend other years, usually when I have beach plans, but this takes the cake. It really sucks. I think we're cleaning the house today, then tonight we've got dinner plans with some friends at a Brazilian rodizio restaurant - meat, meat, and then some more meat!

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