Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Whew, what a busy few days. I am finally settling down enough to post.

So, I woke up Sunday with plans to go out to Leanne's house for a late lunch and a yarn sale in Port Jefferson. I also woke up with a raging migraine, a sore throat, and a giant zit on my chin. Oh, and suspicions that this was really not a yarn sale, which I think I mentioned before. I felt so awful that I was dreading the possibility of it being a shower. Before I got in the shower, I actually told Ryan that if this was my bridal shower I would kill myself.

Well, when I walked in the door and everyone shouted "SURPRISE!" I didn't pull out the shotgun and off myself, but I did cry. I choked up on and off for the first hour. It was just overwhelming. Lisa and her mother drove down from Albany, leaving Lisa's hub alone with the newborn that they just adopted 2 weeks ago. They must've gotten up at 5am to be there. I was SO touched that they were there! I would've totally understood if she couldn't have made it, but it meant so much to me that she did. Most of my friends were there, and some of my cousins, particularly my cousin Jill, whose birthday it was. That was really sweet of her to be there even on her birthday. Ryan even surprised me by taking the train (since I had the car) and a cab there. Poor guy took almost 2 hours to get there, so the ladies voted to let him stay, which was really nice. My Dad was there, too, so he wasn't the only boy anymore.

The food was amazing. Leanne outdid herself with a full brunch buffet including finger sandwiches, poached salmon, cheese plate, mini quiches with shiitake mushrooms and swiss chard, and a nice salad. Then she put on a full dessert buffet! This AMAZING cake was the centerpiece.

Then there were all my favorites - candied orange peel, truffles, mini blueberry tarts, baby meringues with rasberries and blueberries, and some other things I didn't even get to try, I was so stuffed!!

Lots of presents, but hopefully not so many that everyone was bored to tears. We got some stuff that was on our registries, and some other cool stuff. One person gave us the really beautiful platter from our china set. And my cousin Barbara made us a "Mazel Tov" pillow with the glass inside it already for when Ryan breaks the glass at the ceremony. That was really sweet and touching.

After the party was over came the most amazing part, to me. Leanne tried on the purple top and the purple skirt, and it looked amazing! Really really good. I nearly fainted dead away with happiness. Check it out yourself!

All in all, the day started HORRIBLY and ended well. Now it's time to start writing "thank you" notes. Wheee!!

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