Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Another day, another late night at work.

Christmas was wonderful. Everyone in Missouri was so nice to us, including my mother-in-law, which is a nice turn of events. (I still don't entirely trust, but I'm willing to work on it.) We were run ragged a lot of the time there, but enjoyed it all. I even got to meet an internet friend, Amy, and her husband in Kansas City. We all got along great and had a fantastic dinner.

New Year's was also nice. We went upstairs and had dinner with John and Amy and a coupe that they introduced us to sometime earlier this year. Good food, good friends, and generally a good time.

I finished Ryan's scarf the other day, and damn I wish I had a picture of it here! I took one but it came out badly, and it's at home anyway, where I wish I could be. I loved his scarf so much that I wanted to buy yarn to make one for me, but I didn't know when I'd find the time to get to Morehouse Merinos. As luck would have it, I went down to Union Square with a friend from work, on a totally unrelated errand, and realized as I got out of the subway that it is Wednesday, and that they were right in the square at the Greenmarket!

I walked out with a beautiful clear aqua and a pretty celery color. I plan to do mostly aqua, with random stripes of celery. Sort of how I did Ryan's, except I did his so that one half was mostly dark with light stripes, and the other was the reverse. It's subtle, but cool. Can't do that with mine because I needed 3 skeins (I like long scarves) and thus would not have an even amount of each color.

Now I am wishing I had bought some damn needles so I could start that scarf right now! I am also wishing I had bought enough to make myself a hat that matches, because this will SO clash with my magenta and purple stripe!

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