Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Of course as soon as I go and buy yarn to make myself a scarf, my father-in-law sends me one. He went to Spain for Christmas, and sent Ryan and I beautiful cashmere scarves. Mine is a red knit, just the right length, and has some pretty lace detail on the edges. His is a camel colored weave, with a silk foulard pattern on the reverse. They're more for "dress-up" (especially his) so I think I am still OK with making one for myself. Scarf variety is good, especially in a long winter.

Momentous night for me as I am going to attempt to return to the Manhattan Stitch-n-Bitch. It really kills me that Knit NY, where the group now meets, is 2 blocks from my old apartment. Argh! But I'm excited to check the place out, and see who's there. I've been wanting to go for a while, but an email from the fabulous Deb Stoller pushed me over the edge. I've been working late so much, but today I made a deal with the other writer on my account (a good friend) that if anyone stays late, it'll be him. Yay!

I'll be working on a hat to go with Alex's Quiz sweater. I was hoping to see Lisa and deliver the sweater in person, but it's not going to happen soon enough, so I am going to mail it. But since I have waited this long, I figured he really ought to have the matching hat.

I'm also hoping to find some intriguing project for myself while I am at Knit NY. I'm excited to see what they have!

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