Saturday, January 17, 2004

Too much work makes Betsy sad. And tired. The last time I got out of here before 10pm was Tuesday, when I went to Stitch-n-Bitch. I was here until 11pm last night, and back at 8am today for a conference call. This is our big push to get pieces printed, now that we got FDA comments/changes on our materials (that happened Thursday and we were on a call with the client for 10 hours yesterday hashing it all out - Oy!).

Back to happier thoughts of Stitch-n-Bitch. It was a lot of fun to go again! The best part was seeing some of the lovely ladies I've missed, like Deb, Jackie, Meema, Susi, Jessamyn, and I'm sure other people whose names are escaping my lack-of-sleep-addled brain right now.

Knit NY was an interesting place. As a store, they seem to have some nice stuff, though I don't love the way it's displayed. I understand that it's a teeny space so that's why they only display one ball of each color of each yarn, and the all-white walls/cabinets are cleanly designed, but it feels so sterile. And yarn stores are supposed to be warm and lush, not sterile.

I also love the idea of having a little cafe and tables and chairs, which is a plus. And they have cool-looking clear plastic stools filled with yarn. But they are horrifyingly uncomfortable to sit on for more than a few minutes. I left with a terrible backache after 2-3 hours on one of those stools.

It was also (not their fault) terribly crowded, with no place to put my coat or bag where it wasn't underfoot. I know the S-n-B has just gotten super-popular, but I don't know that I have the stamina to deal with that every week. No, I know for sure that I do not. Especially when things are so stressful here at work. I will have to save it for special occasions, unless the group ends up shrinking or finding more comfy quarters. I loved the cameraderie when we all took over big sofas in one corner of Java-n-Jazz. Maybe someday we'll have that sort of feeling again.

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