Monday, May 19, 2008

Anyone into swinging?

It's here!

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None of these are really great photos, but we really didn't get to play long outside. It was unseasonably chilly today, and the girls and their friends Bobby and Sarah who were over actually wanted to go inside. The moms agreed. But boy did they enjoy it while they were out there! I'm really annoyed that tomorrow is supposed to be cloudy, chilly, and rainy in the afternoon. How am I supposed to keep them inside now that this thing is out there?!

I think the whole swingset adventure put them in a better mood than usual tonight. They were adorable in the tub, and afterwards. I wrapped them up together in a big towel, and they were all snuggly and warm and started hugging and kissing. Lilly told Katie "You are my best fwiend, Katie." And Katie took a cue from this song we listen to a lot in the car, looked her sister in the eye, and said "No one can take me away from you, Lilly."

I almost had to explain the idea of crying when you're happy to them. And then they were off and running, so I got to cry a few happy tears in private.


Anonymous said...

Betsee! I think I used to read you a long time ago!! I'm going to go back and look into your archives and see if it was you. Did you have drama with your wedding tiara when you were getting married? I remember a girl that couldn't find her tierra because she wore it cleaning and forgot that it was on her head. I went to Ravelry and private messaged Jenna from Girl from Auntie, she did Shedir and it's Kate in the picture.... worth a shot anyway :) I'll let you know what I find out.

Molly said...

So sweet. I am sitting here all teary too! I just love the O'girlies.

BTW, we're back on the Little Einsteins kick at our house...I'm losing my mind with "pat pat pat"!

Molly said...
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Anonymous said...

:) I will let you know... Don't feel bad, I havn't knit a stitch in over a month... funny that our blog names have knitting in them huh ;) I'm putting you in my sidebar :D

Ahuva Batya said...

That made me cry too. What a precious moment (not the g&r figurines). I love your backyard, it's huge and I love the big trees!

Lilypad Mom said...

They are so sweet together! I almost cried just reading that. The swingset is great too, we're still trying to decide which one to get for our yard.