Thursday, June 13, 2002

How lucky am I that both my primary care physician and my gynecologist are both located near yarn stores? After my physical this morning (everything looks fine, thank you for asking) I was able to walk just 2 blocks to The Woolgathering on E. 84th Street and picked up the yarn bobbins I need. I looked at all the pretty yarns they had (nothing I hadn't seen before really) and petted some nice baby alpaca, but I didn't buy any fiber. I have plenty at home waiting for projects, and I am sure I will end up finding some in France and/or Italy. (Ryan already said he won't try and stop me!)

I did actually pick up the Spring/Summer issue of Family Circle Easy Knits because I fell in love with the whale baby blanket on page 57. Can't find a photo online, but I'll try to remember to scan it later when I am at home. There are also a few cute tops in there that look like quick and easy knits (well, duh, "easy" is in the title!)

Ryan just IMed me with great news - we are going to go on a balloon flight when we're in France! I am very excited, as I have always wanted to do that! His Dad asked him to check into it and make reservations. Cool!

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