Thursday, June 13, 2002

Last night I got tired of futzing with the Topas yarn, so instead I decided to start the Moo blanket. Even though Jill's baby won't be born until October, I figured this blanket could take a while and why not be prepared? I got maybe 12 rows into it (113 stitches across) before I got to the point of needing more yarn bobbins. I thought I had more than I did. There are only two colors, but because of the cow spots, the color changes a bunch of times in each row. So far I am being very diligent about weaving in my ends as I go along, because I know this will be a giant monkey on my back at the end if I don't! It's hard to see much in this photo, because it's curling so much at the moment, but here's the progress so far - you can see the photo from the pattern book, too:

The Mission Falls 1824 Cotton I'm using for this (it's their pattern, too) is really nice to work with. It's so soft! And at 4 stitches per inch, it knits up relatively quickly for baby stuff. I can't wait to get further on this blankie - it's just going to be so cute!

I also started working on the little purse kit that came with my Rowan International membership. I wish I had gotten the colors in the photo, but instead I have brown and peach. Not the combination I'd have picked, but they look OK together, and I wanted to have something to work on in the waiting room at the doctor's office this morning! I'm just going for a physical - no big deal. After working on this cholesterol-lowering drug for a few months, I really feel like I need to get my cholesterol checked! It's always been good, but now I'm all paranoid. :-)

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