Friday, June 21, 2002

Salena and I had great fun at lunch. We stopped into Conway (kind of a low-rent K-mart) for some cheap flip-flops, and I found the most adorable slides! Faux wood sole (squishy foam, actually) with a translucent band across the instep with a little bunch of plastic fruit on it! For seven bucks, I have funky Carmen Miranda shoes! I also grabbed a cute peasant-style top in white gauze with blue embroidery and 3/4 sleeves. I've been wanting something like that but couldn't deal with buying such a flimsy and trendy item at a high price. For 9 bucks, of course, I was perfectly willing.

I love going into cheesy stores (messy racks, bins of stuff to dig through) and finding cute stuff! The peasant top is probably made in the same Indian factory as all the other ones I've seen for 40 bucks and way up. And I'll probably end up wearing it with $150 pants I got on sale at Barney's for 30 bucks. Yes, I am little-miss-bargain-finder and proud of it!

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