Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Last night's Cyclones game with Jackie and Deb was lots of fun. Definitely worth missing Stitch-n-Bitch for. They lost, but we had a great time anyway, just talking and laughing and acting like goofy fans. I definitely want to go back next summer, and I told my Dad I had to take him sometime. It's a really nice little ballpark, and being right on the boardwalk at Coney Island like that, with the Wonderwheel and the old Parachute Jump in the background is a really wonderful New York feeling. It's even more fun to be there with two locals, as Jackie and Deb both grew up in the area (but didn't know each other then.)

Speaking of Dad, which I did a few sentences ago, tonight he and I are supposed to go the U.S. Open. Unfortunately, it's chilly and supposed to rain this evening, so the plans are somewhat tenuous. We have the same tickets we have every year - night session tonight, day and night tomorrow, and day on Friday. And it's supposed to be rainy tonight and tomorrow. Argh. Let's hope for the best. If we do get to see tennis tonight, it will be Lindsay Davenport vs. Petra Mandula, followed by Nikolay Davydenko vs. James Blake. I seem to recall seeing Lindsay many times on a Wednesday night at the Open. I don't know anything about her opponant, nor do I know much about the men's match. But that doesn't always mean much - good tennis can happen anytime!

Oh, thanks to all who sent suggestions about the headache - it finally eased up around lunchtime and I did indeed survive the day. I even got the brochure written and have only a few changes to make today. The direct mail pieces are on a slightly looser timeline than I thought, so although there's a lot to do, it's not devastating.

Needless to say, there's been no knitting this week, and likely won't be until at least the weekend. And I got the sad news from Susi that Artfibers was temporarily sold out of the yarn I wanted, so it looks like I'll be calling them to check on that soon. Oh well - it was so nice of her to try and get it for me that I don't mind it not being available just yet.

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